Tuesday, August 28, 2007

christina ricci and occupation.

i want to post something new, but I don't have much to talk about today, or right now. maybe something will happen later in the day, something that will push me to the edge, i'll drink it off and slur my words into a blog! I listened to Neko Case this morning, she has a voice like Jenny Lewis, and Jenny Lewis is someone I would marry, along with Christina Ricci as well. I'm going to ask the publicist at capitol/virgin to set me up on a coffee date with christina, I know she's with Adam Goldberg and that's fine, I like him. I just wanna talk to her for a bit. I'll impress her somehow, maybe by not asking her anything about movies. I won't ask any typical questions, like, "so when you do love scenes, is it wierd to think about your parents seeing them?", and I won't tell her I have a crush on her either. I will ask her about Adam Goldberg though, he's hilarious. I've been thinking about the election a lot lately, and every candidate seems the same, like always..everyone calling people out on their pass voting record and how it contradicts what they are saying now, it's about how Hillary is not a man, and Obama is not white, and Mit Romney is a Mormon, Guliani is too liberal with certain issues to get the nomination, blah blah blah. I'm leaning towards Kucinich (although, I don't think he really has a chance), maybe John Edwards, but he's so suburban or something..hmm. The next president, whether they are Democrat (fingers crossed) or a Republican will still be the president of a country that is drunk on imperialism and exploitation motivated by a shameless drive for economic and political clout, the beauty of neutralizing any government that seems to be on the way towards being stable and free of western influence, occupation under the guise of some bogus humanitarian effort that is needed because of an event that was probably sparked by our foriegn tap dance years prior... Let the laundry list begin!!! domestic and foreign...sheesh...COINTEL Pro, native americans, Central America during the 80's, Woodrow Wilson and the birth of thought control and propaganda, blood and oil, etc). My friends tell me to move to Canada, Vancouver is nice. Where did it all go wrong? I'm going to starbucks to read more socialist literature. I'm the product of my own freedom I suppose, marketed rebellion and trendy fist pumping...so get off my back. I'm aware.

Friday, August 24, 2007

some people don't like our record :-)

this was a message we got on myspace and the heading read
"i like your new album, seriously" and it went on to say this---

jk to be honest i think its the biggest example of selling out ive ever seen you guys were the band that i grew to love in fact me and my ex girlfriend stole the acoustic sun song from b-sides and made it our own (i use to have memories and thought that you guys were cool ) so i have to ask what happened to all the catchy lyrics that actually meant something what happened to the music that seriously uplifted you when you heard it was it capitol that brought you down im confused who decided that abe should turn his distortion pedal way the hell up and dave to write lyrics from what seemed like chevele as well as the fact that theres barely a point where i can hear a well assembled key part............... please i ( and im serious when i say this) could write a better album than what you guys just did in ten minutes and it would actually be mine not some corporate shit that you guys just gave us

well i hope your happy i think youve just about gone and lost your whole fan base (that use to exist)

so of course we've seen some comments from people who don't like the record and that is fair...it just gets a little bit ridiculous when kids go so far as to claim there are no lyrics that "mean anything" and that he himself can write a better record in 10 minutes. I would like to spend some time with this gentlemen, not in any kind of testosterone driven way, but just to bring down his intellectual/creative ego a little bit. anyway, it's nice to see this stuff..always brings a hopeful hint to the air. and while certain records from a favorite band can disappoint, it's is a pretty temporary thing, because chances are there will be another record coming out. the boy who wrote this claimed that no one should buy the new record on his myspace, and also, after write such a scathing review in which he attacked our motivation (which was based on evidence he inaccurately gathered from his friggin OPINION) his myspace also claimes that he would like to meet Jesus Christ and that the bible is his favorite book. now far be it for me to judge someone on hypocrisy, but it was the icing on the cake. hey buddy, sorry you didn't get it, we write music to challenge and fulfill our own creative and philosophical motivations first and foremost and for those who don't like, we apologize, but only to an extent. I have listened to this record many times and I am very proud of it. So thank you to those who get, and a humble and polite apology to those who don't. The propensity that people have to be extremely rude, the audacity that can be displayed is always surprising. Hats off.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

help me kill my time

I'm in Dallas today and I'd like to talk about it. First off, I'm not a huge fan of Texas, and I mean no disrespect..I adore Austin, and Dallas has a special place in my heart for certain reasons, it's not Mark Cuban. Rob and I took a cab to the Cafe Brazil, which sadly is one of the only places still open down here. Trees closed, Gypsy Ball Room closed and apparently it's a pretty sketchy area. There are a whole bunch of buildings and businesses are gutted and I was talking to the Cab driver on the way to Cafe Brazil and he concurred, apparently the area has been having a hard time. That bums me out because I love Deep Ellum, there's that one parking sign where the "L's" in the word "Ellum" are saxaphones with music notes flowing from them, the sign is by "Deep Sushi." I love playing in Dallas, especially the Gypsy Ball Room because they always painted big ads for the show on the wall. I always think of Elliott Smith when I see the sign for Denton, he grew up there for part of his life. So tonight, I'll probably listen to Elliott Smith, I'm actually listening right now. There's a song where he mentions, "old Dallas town"...it's nice. It's pretty hot today, ridiculously hot. I took some pictures today that were kind of bland and dead, but thats what Deep Ellum seems like to me, there's also a picture of "Flaming Lips Alley" from when we were in Oklahoma City last night. Anyway, we walked to a Starbucks and talked about conspiracy theories reguarding 9-11 (crazy shizz man) and also, I read an article about a company named John Galt Cooperation (or something like that) in which something happened that is very interesting when put in context of the book "Atlas Shrugged"...something about people disappearing, a fire...no record of it ever happening. I have to look it up. "The story of a man who said he'd stop the motor of the world, and did." Bye Byee.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

blue cups.

My body has been out of wack for a while. We went to Japan last weekend and that threw off my biological tick, and then we came back home, which threw my biology out of sorts again. Japan was cool, but mostly exhausting just because I kept falling asleep in the early evening and then waking up in the early morning, thus making me uber tired during prime time party time. So whatever, we've been rehearsing and doing what we do before we go out on the road, which usually just means holding boxes of merch at my house, cluttering up the place, and freaking out about the thought of my new "rig" not being completely ready, I got a lot of new stuff. I recently finished another book call One Hundred Years of Solitude, some parts were a tad slow, but ultimitely magical. My friend Liz has a 100% success rate when she suggests books, she suggested this one, and she also introduced me to Milan Kundera. I'm also slugging my way through this debate that was published between Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky..the annoying thing is that I would probably easily understand their arguments if it weren't for the diction they used. I need Laymen's terms!! It's interesting all the same..I tried my best to read a book called "The history of sexuality" by Michel Foucault in college, but it was almost impossibe...I do remember him talking about how homosexuality used to be considered a disease, or a medical defect. It was for a class that was all about gender and sexuality and philosophy. I loved the class, we also read a book by Judith Butler, but i forget what it was called...I remember that being really interesting though. I think that was the semester where I left to go on tour for two weeks with my old band, and I still faired alright for the finals. School was always my last thought..my friend Danny and I wasted a whole bunch of time listening to Stryper and spending all of our money at Bennigans. My brother sent me a text today and told me he missed me...I miss him too.