Friday, August 24, 2007

some people don't like our record :-)

this was a message we got on myspace and the heading read
"i like your new album, seriously" and it went on to say this---

jk to be honest i think its the biggest example of selling out ive ever seen you guys were the band that i grew to love in fact me and my ex girlfriend stole the acoustic sun song from b-sides and made it our own (i use to have memories and thought that you guys were cool ) so i have to ask what happened to all the catchy lyrics that actually meant something what happened to the music that seriously uplifted you when you heard it was it capitol that brought you down im confused who decided that abe should turn his distortion pedal way the hell up and dave to write lyrics from what seemed like chevele as well as the fact that theres barely a point where i can hear a well assembled key part............... please i ( and im serious when i say this) could write a better album than what you guys just did in ten minutes and it would actually be mine not some corporate shit that you guys just gave us

well i hope your happy i think youve just about gone and lost your whole fan base (that use to exist)

so of course we've seen some comments from people who don't like the record and that is just gets a little bit ridiculous when kids go so far as to claim there are no lyrics that "mean anything" and that he himself can write a better record in 10 minutes. I would like to spend some time with this gentlemen, not in any kind of testosterone driven way, but just to bring down his intellectual/creative ego a little bit. anyway, it's nice to see this stuff..always brings a hopeful hint to the air. and while certain records from a favorite band can disappoint, it's is a pretty temporary thing, because chances are there will be another record coming out. the boy who wrote this claimed that no one should buy the new record on his myspace, and also, after write such a scathing review in which he attacked our motivation (which was based on evidence he inaccurately gathered from his friggin OPINION) his myspace also claimes that he would like to meet Jesus Christ and that the bible is his favorite book. now far be it for me to judge someone on hypocrisy, but it was the icing on the cake. hey buddy, sorry you didn't get it, we write music to challenge and fulfill our own creative and philosophical motivations first and foremost and for those who don't like, we apologize, but only to an extent. I have listened to this record many times and I am very proud of it. So thank you to those who get, and a humble and polite apology to those who don't. The propensity that people have to be extremely rude, the audacity that can be displayed is always surprising. Hats off.


Blogger Kaylyn said...

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12:08 PM

Blogger Kaylyn said...

Sorry, some of my last comment didn't make sense. I ment to say:

I must admit,

I was a bit taken aback when I first listened to the CD. It didn't hook me as fast as DB or Everglow. But the more I put it on the more it grew on me. The only song that hasn't is #3. Otherwise, I think it was a step in a great direction and the record is amazing. But I wouldn't expect anything less from Mae.

12:09 PM

Anonymous zach from mass. said...

"icing on the shitcake." I just LOLed. clever, dude.

And honestly, I have my criticisms of singularity, but to say that it's "selling out" or "corporate shit" is going just a bit over the top.

I would love to see someone write an album in 10 minutes. Kid needs his ego put in check.

1:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"icing on the shitcake." very entertaining.

1:24 PM

Blogger Joel said...

Interesting. I haven't yet bought Singularity. I listened to it twice on MySpace and the first time I didn't care for it. The second time I caught some nuances that I missed the first time and I must say that it grew a little. It is definitely a different direction from "Destination: Beautiful" and "The Everglow" and quite frankly "The Everglow" makes my top list of desert island CDs. In the last few years I have never become tired of it. So to create another album of that magnitude would be an almost insurmountable challenge.

It is different. It has more of a mainstream flair. It isn't the Everglow, but I'm going to give it some more time. I would expect nothing less from Mae than to create a unique "story" with each album.

1:39 PM

Anonymous Molly said...

I'd say that person's comments went a bit over the top. "what happened to all the catchy lyrics that actually meant something" ...they are still there and there are also some other surprises(which I love btw). Singularity is a different record but it is still fantastic and there are plenty of thought provoking lyrics. :-)

2:14 PM

Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Don't take anyone seriously who doesn't use proper grammar and punctuation, please.

2:55 PM

Blogger Pete Kruse said...

I like the CD a lot. It's definitely different and I think some people want the same record every time. Ah well. It's cool that you care enough to read the comments on your myspace. Peace. Pete

3:52 PM

Blogger Catherine said...

wow. what an asshole. you guys have been my favorite band for a few years now, and i have to say this is one of my favorite albums, true at first i said "hmm it's no everglow" but i think the everglow came out at a certain stage in my life where it just fit. but after my second full listening to singularity: i loved.
so, you know what i say?
screw that guy. anyone who has enough time to write something like that and not even use punctuation must be a real winner.

5:26 PM

Blogger Kristen said...

I believe it was Mike Dirnt of Green Day who said, "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one." If it's any consolation I love Singularity. I love that you have to actually think about the lyrics and concept of the album and the fact that it is an album and not just a collection of random songs. True singularity doesn't necessarily sound like mae's previous albums but I welcome that it shows growth otherwise it would just be like all the other albums out there. Even after listening to it multiple times I am still finding things I hadn't noticed before from hidden tracks to lyrics in morse code. The new songs you played at the nyc show sounded really good live as well. And "icing on the shitcake." haha your way with words makes me laugh. ok, I am rambling. have a good rest of the tour see you guys on the motion city soundtrack tour!

5:59 PM

Blogger Monique said...

I love that Singularity is so different from your other albums. As you grow as a band and as individuals it's only natural that your music does the same. I think it shows great diversity for you in that you can do more than just one style of music and that you have the guts to even try (well, in your case - succeed).

6:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd say somebody needs to get a life. i love the way you took it though. it was quite excellent.

6:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is to say that hasn't been said?
-It's cool you read Myspace comments
-Record is different then past CDs.
-That guy took it too far.

Nope all said.

Thanks for making music. The experience I get from listening to your music is an ultimate high. It takes me from being bursting with happiness all the way to tears. I'm constantly searching for a new meaning. To know you guys, well really the upbringing for one of the guys (I know his family), I see that anything is possible and it doesn't matter if I come from having all the luck in the world or from a family of 7 kids, including his self, who live in one tiny house. Thank you for that inspiration of doing something more and actually following dreams.

Please keep creating your beautifully simple and wonderfully complex piece of art.

7:53 PM

Blogger Kayla said...

I was really afraid that you guys were guna "sell out" when you signed with capitol but as soon as I heard singularity and really listened to the lyrics I realized that you are still the same Mae that I have always loved. All you have done is grown and I certainly wouldn't call that selling out! sure singularity sounds different then destination and the everglow, but why would some one want to listen to a band who just keeps writing the same shit album after album. singularity is clearly a compilation of Mae's thoughts and feelings and i don't see how anyone could say that's not good enough! i think you guys did an amazing job (particularly with release me, reflections, and crazy 8s)! you certainly took a step in the right direction... so keep it up and just follow your heart ... as long as you do that ... your music will always be perfect! ps icing on the shitcake is totally guna be my new saying! hope u dont mind if i steal it : )

7:58 PM

Blogger JT said...

Singularity is probably the best album on my shelf right now, I love it. It may be a different sound than The Everglow, but as other people have already said, it's a huge step foward for you guys. Keep up the good work Zach.

8:53 PM

Blogger jon schneck said...

I agree with everything that dude said... wish ida said it first. oh well. thanks for making rotten records zach.

ps i love you and your record and i miss your warm embrace. bye.


9:00 PM

Blogger Jecca said...

The kid's ridiculous. It's unfortunate that despite all the other accolades you'll receive, his comments will stick in your head. I never doubted for a second that I would love Singularity and I definitely do. You guys have spent these last years not only establishing yourselves musically, but also personally. You've allowed us, the fans, to invade your personal space and feel like we are almost a part of your extended family. So, as I anticipated the new album, I knew that no matter which direction it took, it would be a true expression of what makes mae mae. Following suit with the other albums, it's like a glimpse into each of your hearts. And to me, that's all a music-loving fan could ever ask for...unapologetic honesty. I've never understood why anyone would want to put rules and stipulations on a musician, expecting him to write or sing or play a certain way. What really makes you guys amazing is that you ARE different than anyone else we've ever heard. Your sound (which is consistent throughout the discography) is so pure that words can't even begin to describe it. And that's something I can't help but revel in and cherish. So, even if at first we don't understand your musical creations, we have great reason to keep pressing in until we've understood as much as we possibly can.

Thank you for being real and, in turn, encouraging and inspiring me to do the same. It's a beautiful record and you SHOULD be proud.


10:06 PM

Anonymous Michelle said...

I think that fact that you wrote this album from experience and from deep thought and feeling makes it fantastic. The music is amazing, and no matter what this man says, it means something. It means something to me, and it means something to you...and at the end of the day, thats what matters. The words you have written really do mean something, and your music can get me through a hard day. Thanks for giving me hope!

10:39 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

Schneck is such a smart alec sometimes. LOL But ya gotta love him.

Ask Jon, they get a lot of this crap. It used to really get Thiessen down sometimes so it would irritate me a lot.

Personally, I love Singularity. I think it's a great cd, especially Just Let Go and Sic Semper Tyrannis. Which song are you most proud of, or is there one song? It is different, still sounds like Mae, the lyrics are all Mae, and the guy hasn't got a clue.

And selling out is the most overused and misused term of the century. Just the use of it causes me to bristle.

Besides, selling out would mean compromising your own values. It involves motivations. This guy doesn't know you from Adam.

And still waiting to hear his cd written in 10 mins. I have a feeling your position is safe. LOL

4:11 AM

Blogger adam said...

I think that certain mainstream music that has come out within the three or four years has completely harmed, no, devoured what music (or an album) should be in the minds of the youth around us. Odds are that this little prick is running around in his Vans and Ramones tshirt he bought at hot topic (because he owns all their albums) at warped tour listening to fallout boy on his iPod nano trying not to vomit because he's had his friends sneek him one too many drinks and he's worried to death that when he trips over his damn wallet chain that his skin tight jeans are going to rip. "Dammit! I just bought these yesterday!" Ok, maybe that's a vicious stereotype, but it's true that a lot of the music being shoved in their faces is shit. They believe that it is great music because "everyone's doing it." SIngularity was totally not what I expected it to be. But should a great band be forced into a box? Not at all. That's so damn boring to me. I'd much rather think, "what are they doing next?" than, "shit, not another cd." I want to be challenged; to bend a mind is a beautiful thing.
God save our youth.

9:03 PM

Blogger Peter said...

Zach, an intelligent critique/criticism of the new album, if I may?

9:28 AM

Blogger Zach said...

go for it.

2:15 AM

Blogger Peter said...


I think Singularity is a good rock record. Nothing more. I loved the Everglow because of its layered and ethereal qualities. Here the album kicks in with no warning and begins. I don't want to say the guitar work is not good. It is very good. But it seems more riff based and less fluid than your previous stuff. And where the hell are the guitar solos?

Personally, I think Howard Benson was a poor choice for a producer. I read in an interview with one of guys from P.O.D. where he said of Benson, "He's always thinking about the rules for getting on radio." With that in mind, I could definitely hear the typical song structure come up over and over.

One last thing, one of the reasons I loved Mae in the first place was the keyboards. On this record, with a few exceptions, they're buried under massive amounts of overdubbed guitars. I can barely hear them. It says in the liner notes that Rob played B3 on the album. Which song[s]?

But all in all I think you've made a decent rock n' roll record. Congratulations on all your success, and the best of luck to you.

8:57 AM

Blogger Grover said...

wow, that comment is so offensive!
I can't believe someone would write that..
first off, I can't believe it because I LOVE singularity!
yes, I find it a bit diffrent. but just as good!
and I do find the lyrics a lot saying, I've listened to the album many times, still discovering new great bits of it.
seccond, it's so mean to say such a thing! I mean i think it's possible for someone not to like the new cd.
but to react this way, as if you guys work was his, and as if you ruined it, it is just horrible to read that someone says such a thing.
I hope it won't hit you guys too hard, remember all the people that do love it!
I know I do and always will.

I also think it testifies of no love if someone speaks in such a way.
maybe he should think about what he said and try to be more carefull with his words.

10:39 AM

Anonymous Derek said...

Hey dude

Dont let people like this get to you.I have been a fan for a long long while and the new album is amazing.Little different but amazing none the less.Show tonight was awesome and i had a blast hangin with you guys after it was a sick ending to a cool 21st birthday.


1:02 AM

Blogger jay is for lovers said...

I kinda struggled a bit when I heard you guys went to Capitol, but recently I read an article on The White Stripes in Paste magazine and Jack White made a great comment:

"If you abandon a band as soon as other people like them, then you don't love music for the right reasons. You like music for identity."

I guess the move to Capitol made it look like you guys were going to hit mainstream radio, which to most people looks like a sell out because you become more known and not the "band they have discovered." All those people want is Mae to be the band in their back pocket- their identity.

I agree with kaylyn though- Singularity didnt hook me at first, but it has definitely grown on me. Its great. Props on the new album.

11:25 AM

Blogger kathleen said...

I love the new album.

6:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't listen to him. Some people want the same record every time but that's what i like about you guys, you always mix things up and although it always takes some getting used to your albums always ends up being great. I LOVE singularity by the way. Just not as much as The Everglow. ;)

5:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I support your attitude towards this gentleman, and others like him. Keep on doing what you are happy with and the people you want to keep around will naturally relate. Keep up the good work and great attitudes!

11:28 PM

Blogger CM said...

Singularity is just as much Mae as the previous two, and the writing is so good, it goes over most people's heads. It's transcendant. Thanks.

8:58 PM

Anonymous Lorna said...

People should read this.

7:46 PM


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