Friday, May 22, 2009

devil's advocate 2

the advocate of my inner demon is floating around my head during these long drives on crowded interstates. this makes it very hard for me to sleep peacefully, especially when he's saying things like this:

it would be a blessing if the absurdity of christianity was brought to the forefront of the movement. the insulation has let complacency and arrogance be a force for too long. I think that christianity would be well served by a thorough raking of figurehead weeds, and a furious cleansing of the raucous parliaments of agenda prayer. I shouldn't write about christianity as though I'm on the inside. Are there people that are comfortable or even certain enough with their spirituality enough as to act as ambassadors to Christ? That question is a rhetorical one, because surely no one is. Christians should stop witnessing all together. They should keep their cluttered rolodex of tag lines to themselves. I would assume that God has a divine inclination which can tell Him where he would accomplish the most, and forgive me for assuming that middle to upper class suburban coffee shops aren't the most divinely inspired places.

and after the torturous monologue, i'm immediately kicked in the head...because...hey, what do i know?


Blogger Anna Caroline said...

keep writing. keep saying what you need to say.

11:13 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

This rather reminds me of our conversation.

We are ambassadors in the sense that if we can be saved, there really are miracles. ;) You are no less worthy than anyone else.
Complacency and fatigue are far to familiar to me. I don't like it much either.

I pray you get some sleep. :)

1:18 AM


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