Thursday, August 02, 2007

blue cups.

My body has been out of wack for a while. We went to Japan last weekend and that threw off my biological tick, and then we came back home, which threw my biology out of sorts again. Japan was cool, but mostly exhausting just because I kept falling asleep in the early evening and then waking up in the early morning, thus making me uber tired during prime time party time. So whatever, we've been rehearsing and doing what we do before we go out on the road, which usually just means holding boxes of merch at my house, cluttering up the place, and freaking out about the thought of my new "rig" not being completely ready, I got a lot of new stuff. I recently finished another book call One Hundred Years of Solitude, some parts were a tad slow, but ultimitely magical. My friend Liz has a 100% success rate when she suggests books, she suggested this one, and she also introduced me to Milan Kundera. I'm also slugging my way through this debate that was published between Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky..the annoying thing is that I would probably easily understand their arguments if it weren't for the diction they used. I need Laymen's terms!! It's interesting all the same..I tried my best to read a book called "The history of sexuality" by Michel Foucault in college, but it was almost impossibe...I do remember him talking about how homosexuality used to be considered a disease, or a medical defect. It was for a class that was all about gender and sexuality and philosophy. I loved the class, we also read a book by Judith Butler, but i forget what it was called...I remember that being really interesting though. I think that was the semester where I left to go on tour for two weeks with my old band, and I still faired alright for the finals. School was always my last friend Danny and I wasted a whole bunch of time listening to Stryper and spending all of our money at Bennigans. My brother sent me a text today and told me he missed me...I miss him too.


Blogger AJ said...

dude...glad you are home from Japan...your "voice" was missed. :)

12:24 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

It's always tiring to have your schedule interrupted. Mine has been kind of crazy lately, but nothing like going to Japan. :) I hope the tour went well there. Sometimes sleep is good. In fact, that is what I should be doing. LOL

You really do quite a lot of reading. Layman's terms can be quite helpful, especially if you aren't in the mindset to just read, if that makes sense. It's good to be able to sort through the arguments with out also trying to figure out new nomenclature. How's that for a $100 word. LOL ;)

O.K. So, I"m tired and rambly. :)

1:35 AM

Blogger Melanie said...

Oops.. just realized that was supposed to say, "...if you are in the mindset to just read." Hopefully it makes more sense now. LOL Maybe?

1:09 PM

Blogger jon schneck said...

hey bro. i posted an article i found about you on my blog for all to read. you ever notice no matter what you do, getting your picture in the local paper is what your parents talk most about? funny...

miss ya bud.

thanks for the call the other day.


8:09 AM

Blogger Kayla said...

i just moved back to school this week and my hardest good-bye was my little sister ... i miss her tons already ... i feel for u!

5:47 PM


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