Wednesday, June 03, 2009

june 3rd

Sitting here with nothing to say after starting to read "The Rebel" is anything but inspiring, so far the book is mostly just a pill for justified indolence, but I'm only a few pages in. So far, it has touched upon the acts of suicide and murder and questioned whether or not those acts can be justified from an "absurdist" prospective, and you will all but happy to know that it is not! Whew!

I have read over my blogs recently, and I'm incredibly bored by them. They are not saying much of anything, so I've decided not to write about that kind of thing unless I have some reason to, and by "reason" I mean genuine newfound motivation, not some incited reaction to an inconsequent event or news story. It's becoming predictable and trite to protest anything having to do with the Church..blah blah.

I just got off of a "national tour", and I did this great thing. I bought records in strategic locations. Instead of having to carry the records in the van the whole tour (which is risky because they can get bent or warped during the trip, but also, it takes up valuable space) I had my generous friends in those "strategic locations" hold on to the records for me and send them to me when I got home. So I am patiently waiting for the records to arrive. I bought a whole lot and I can't even remember them all...but let's try.

Belle and Sebastian, NOFX, The Velvet Underground, Elvis Costello, Miles Davis, Chet Atkins, Patsy Cline...hmm, and I can't remember the obviously, I'm excited.

Is anyone who reads my blog an expert on Michel Foucault? I have tried to read some of his books, but admittedly, I can't follow it. What is funny is that Foucault criticized the deconstructionism of Jacques Derrida for being too obscure, so I'm not going to crack a Derrida book until I can keep up with Foucault. My point is, since I can't read Foucault's own text, I thought I'd read a book about him. Maybe that will give me some information to help me along. I also read the story of David and Uriah today. Someone tell me why, when I'm reading my bible at a coffee shop or any place, someone always comes up and wants to talk to me about it. I know it's an innocent and good willed gesture, but I don't like to be interrupted. I'm not looking for conversation, or a impromptu bible study when I'm reading. Does that make me sound like a jerk? So be it :-)

I've been listening to the new mewithoutyou album over and over nauseam. I am going to see them in Richmond on June 8th.


Blogger yuko said...

I read/check your blog BUT it's difficult for me to understand! Haha. I always think it's good to know about your thoughts.

8:37 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

The album thing should be fun. When they start arriving, it will be rather like Christmas. :) Do you collect vinyls?

As for someone wanting to talk to you about the Bible, it could be that they are a Christian and feel they may have a connection if you read the Bible? Or they can't stand it and just can't keep it to themselves. ;) LOL

I've been listening to Camera Can't Lie a lot lately. I need to listen to Mewithoutyou's album. I think they are either coming here soon or were here recently. Unfortunately, I have to show up for work once in a while. LOL

1:00 AM

Blogger emily said...

yeah, derrida is brutal.

11:19 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

Funny thing... I was at Relient K's show on Thursday, and the poster said Mewithoutyou will be here on June 28th. At the show, I met Weston's former drummer and he has connections to Mewithout you. I don't think I can go on the 28th, though. :(

Then I saw Jon Thurs. also and he asked me if I'd seen you recently. LOL

1:20 AM

Blogger yuko said...

Melanie, I used to study the Bible when I was in college. So I studied for 2 years. Now, sometimes I read some books related to the Bible, written in Japanese. I have a great interest in the Bible, anyway.

4:09 AM


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