Thursday, August 23, 2007

help me kill my time

I'm in Dallas today and I'd like to talk about it. First off, I'm not a huge fan of Texas, and I mean no disrespect..I adore Austin, and Dallas has a special place in my heart for certain reasons, it's not Mark Cuban. Rob and I took a cab to the Cafe Brazil, which sadly is one of the only places still open down here. Trees closed, Gypsy Ball Room closed and apparently it's a pretty sketchy area. There are a whole bunch of buildings and businesses are gutted and I was talking to the Cab driver on the way to Cafe Brazil and he concurred, apparently the area has been having a hard time. That bums me out because I love Deep Ellum, there's that one parking sign where the "L's" in the word "Ellum" are saxaphones with music notes flowing from them, the sign is by "Deep Sushi." I love playing in Dallas, especially the Gypsy Ball Room because they always painted big ads for the show on the wall. I always think of Elliott Smith when I see the sign for Denton, he grew up there for part of his life. So tonight, I'll probably listen to Elliott Smith, I'm actually listening right now. There's a song where he mentions, "old Dallas town"'s nice. It's pretty hot today, ridiculously hot. I took some pictures today that were kind of bland and dead, but thats what Deep Ellum seems like to me, there's also a picture of "Flaming Lips Alley" from when we were in Oklahoma City last night. Anyway, we walked to a Starbucks and talked about conspiracy theories reguarding 9-11 (crazy shizz man) and also, I read an article about a company named John Galt Cooperation (or something like that) in which something happened that is very interesting when put in context of the book "Atlas Shrugged"...something about people disappearing, a record of it ever happening. I have to look it up. "The story of a man who said he'd stop the motor of the world, and did." Bye Byee.


Blogger Melanie said...

Flaming Lips Alley.. pretty interesting. :)

I am not at all familiar with Dallas. I've been to the airport on the way to and from Abilene, but that's about it... and I have a cousin there. I didn't know what "Deep Ellum" was, so I looked it up. The sign with the saxophones sounds really creative and cool. It would be fun to have more creative signs like that around. :)

7:13 PM

Blogger Shaina said...

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4:47 PM

Blogger Shaina said...

i could not agree with you more. i spent five nights a week working in deep ellum a few years ago when i was heavily involved with the now non-existent music scene. that particular area of dallas was going downhill even then, and the beginning of the end occurred the day trees declared bankruptcy. and while parts of dallas are dying (and we do have some of the worst weather here), there are still some beautiful parts in all of the mess.

4:51 PM

Anonymous Nick said...

It's so weird to see Deep Ellum in the daytime.

7:10 PM

Anonymous Stina said...

I agree with you about Dallas but I personally live in San Antonio, Texas & I think it's great.
The weather is very spazzstic & I know it's humid as hell but the people here in the south couldn't be any nicer. I've traveled to some places and I have yet to meet people as nice as they are here.

I say, don't judge Texas off our worse cities, Dallas & Houston.

P.S. I went to the San Antonio show that was the day after this one & y'all totally lied saying y'all loved San Antonio & Texas. Not cool bud, not cool. =P
P.S.S. You wrote this on my 19th bday! Random.


1:44 AM


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