Thursday, December 20, 2007

tall drink of water

i'm in love with the you in pictures. Lean tangles of limbs, all knotted up with your smile and confidence. All of those split seconds, captured over and over again that are glimpses of fractions, the whole is like a child that you learn from constantly. A perfect mix of humbleness, pride, and purpose.


Blogger AJ said...

my money is on you & liz...after seeing both of you through your writings, i think you are two peas in a pod! :)

p.s. i'd recommend trying what my cousin just introduced us to the other night..his favorite drink...a shot of whiskey & baileys dropped into a glass of beer...ouch...cheers & merry christmas! :)

2:10 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

I think that's pretty.


8:16 AM

Anonymous c said...

all i want for christmas is you baby.

7:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy new year, m'dear


9:47 PM


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