Friday, November 30, 2007


Since we've been parked in San Francisco, I've seen a drug deal go down, I've read about what is going on in Venezuela and President Chavez, all very interesting. Some now constitution amendments are up for a vote soon in Venezuela, and of course you have the American media doing everything they can make us anti-Chavez, and you have Chavez doing everything he can to make himself seem like a God send...I think some of the new amendments seem great, they read well anyway. If Chavez is indeed a politician, then you never know. There is an amendment that would allow the President to stay in power as long as the people vote him in, and that is questionable, but who knows..if a true form of democracy exists..then why not...then again, does true democracy exist? Also, Israel is apparently cutting fuel supplies in Palestine..ridiculous. Read for yourself.


Anonymous Sara from the Fillmore meet&greet said...

You know, our Social Studies teacher always told us that we're not a democracy, but a republic. Follow the words of the Pledge of Allegiance. "And to the republic for which it stands, one nation..."
He challenged us to find the word republic in the Constitution, no one found it.
Who knows if there is such a thing as a true (functioning) democracy.

7:55 PM

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Anonymous Vanessa Saund said...

Amo a Venezuela!!

2:47 PM

Anonymous Vanessa Saunders said...

Amo a Venezuela!!

2:47 PM


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