Thursday, November 08, 2007

not qualified

On this tour, we have been recycling as much as we can. We have 3 yellow bens that we put outside our bus door each day...throughout the day we will throw plastic bottles, cans, glass etc in those bins, and at the end of the day, put those bins back in the bays of our bus until the next stop. well, last night, in Washington DC, they were stolen!! It's mildly humorous and quite frustrating...I guess those who may be down on thier luck would perhaps see the aluminum cans, glass bottles, etc. think that if they could turn those in, they will get a small amount of coin...anyway...go figure.

anyway, moving on. right now we are on a day off in New Jersey and I keep thinking of the mob and the Sopranos and Good Fellas and every other movie I've seen that was based on the mafia. I'm also thinking about metal, and the fact that, although I am not much a metal fan, I am picky about it. One of things that annoys me about a lot of metal bands is that some have tendency to "tow the line"...the sing/scream crap, especially these days. It's very predictable, you know how it is...the intensity of the verses that are soothed and brought to a new level of emotion by the sing songy conviction of a sappy chorus, I can just imagine some dude holding thier finger to their ear while they try to belt out the chorus...I say NO! (but before my foot is too deep into my mouth, I must admit my love for Poison the Well...who, if anyone is familiar, had perfected, and was somewhat of a pioneer of the scream/sing style...i love Poison the Well though, so whatever) I'm spouting my opinion based on something really intangible and mostly subjective..but still, I'm right :-) So here are some metal bands I like. (I have not nearly enough knowledge of the genre to even write an essay on it, but what)

haha, honestly, i'm a sucker. I have no qualifications to speak about metal whatsoever...every one of these bands except for one of them involve phil anselmo. I just wanted to run my mouth and post videos.


Anonymous zach (fenderplyr13) said...

who the hell steals plastic bins?

see ya sunday.

6:21 PM

Blogger David said...

enemies of mother earth! ha

7:07 PM

Blogger Kayla said...

its pretty funny if someone just stole them for shits and giggles cuz really who does that?! but its kind of sad if they really needed it ... crazy that people are that desolate right in our nations capital ... i wonder if bush sees their desperation from the white house windows ...

8:11 PM

Anonymous Wendy said...

Well, at least if the plastic bin stealers are turning the bottles and cans in for money, that means they're still being recycled, right?

And just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why your name is listed as David instead of Zach? Unless this has been Dave the whole time, which would be mildly embarrassing on my part...

12:02 AM

Blogger Melanie said...

That is pretty crazy about the recycle bins being stolen. But then sometime people steal license plates off buses, too. I don't get it. LOL Maybe they'll show up on e-bay? ;) JK
Kayla, the most desolate people in this nation have it good compared to many people in many places. And no politician could ever fix what is wrong with many of the people on the streets here. It's never seemed too matter much who the pres. is. They have always existed.

As for metal, I found the third video rather tolerable. The others are way too screamy for me. I don't mind heavier music, just not fond of screamo. I kinda like Pillar. I have friends in a band called The Burning that have some background screaming here and there that I like, but not for the main vocals. I always try hard not to say, "that's not music" simply because I don't like it, though. LOL


2:59 AM


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