Wednesday, December 05, 2007

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My skin didn't crawl from the heat like it usually does in Pheonix. The air was pleasant enough...I saw some teenagers and 20 somethings struggle with a boat down to the water, all of the water here looks like it was part of the cities design. I'm listening to some songs that I think my dad would like, actually, I put this particular song on a compilation I made for him. I would tell you the song, but it's of no interest or consequence, a lot like this "blog". We're going to Vegas tomorrow, I have a Vegas routine that plays out like a pathetic lack of will and confidence. I usually walk around a casino with some intention of sitting down at a table, but casinos make me nervous, and so I walk the streets that are littered with escort advertisements that do nothing more than mildly peak my curiosity, and then thank my lucky stars that my head is on straight most of the time. I just end up thinking about the mob and money I could've won, but would've ultimately lost. This tour bus is a mess, but it is full of toys...classic timeless barbie, chutes and ladders and etch-a-sketch. I like when movies or sit-coms make Jesus just a man....I was watching Family Guy today and they were showing a gameshow, and a contestant said "hello Jesus!" and then they showed Jesus sitting on a couch watching TV with a bag of chips, he got all excited..I love when movies display Jesus as more mortal than's comforting. I mean, I imagine if I met Eddie Vedder I would have no idea what to say, or how to present myself...and Eddie Vedder is just Eddie Vedder...if I met Jesus, holy crap, what would I say..I'd probably burn up and become the some glowing ember on his cigarette and he'd suck me in to his lungs, and that would be a much safer than living life in a band.


Blogger Melanie said...

I went to Vegas last year. I wasn't the least interested in the male stripper show my daughter and friend wanted to attend. The guys wanted to imbibe in alcoholic beverages and I don't drink. I was pretty much on my own. I found Vegas can feel pretty alone under the circumstances. I did enjoy Mandalay Bay earlier in the day, even if it was a tad costly. At night I went to the MGM Grand and took pics of the lions, wandered about Mandalay Bay, took photos of the Excaliber at night. I wish I would have seen the fountains to music from somewhere other than the car, though. There are things to see, but I just can't get into the vibe there, I suppose. Chicago was performing there at the time. I thought maybe I could see them, but it wasn't everyday, and I was there on one of the days they weren't playing.
Vegas is definitely a different sort of place.

I'm in Northern CA. I was able to see Schneck, which was really cool. I fly home Friday. I hope am seeing you on Saturday. I have a meet/greet with you guys, actually. I looked up the weather and there is supposed to be rain/snow, and the temps at night are supposed to be insane (12 deg., to be exact.) Dress warm and drive careful. I'll try to bring extra hand warmers. LOL I hope I get to see you.

It's funny, but I think the immortal aspect of Christ's character is more comforting to me than the "mortal", althouh, I think his humanity gives me something to relate to.


12:07 AM

Blogger jo said...

I like it when I find out that musicians and bands I like have blogs just like anyone else!
The Koolhaus show in Toronto was great!

12:26 AM

Anonymous hannah said...

ummm...chutes and ladders was/is my favorite game.

10:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's funny that you think you would be nervous meeting eddie vedder...
I always thought I would implode if I met Raine Maida (lead singer of Our Lady Peace... these guys are huge here, have been obsessed with them since I was 12). A while back he introduced himself to ME and I hungout with him and some people for the day. It was the strangest thing, I remember saying goodbyes and him telling me to have a safe trip home and it felt like the most comfortable conversation ever.
I got on the greyhound and thought my mind was going to explode. I was so completely shocked that I guess I acted normally out of instinct
funny how life works.
I'm pretty sure I have had way more nervous conversations with profs!

5:19 PM

Blogger Monique said...

The heat here makes my skin crawl too - although Tucson is usually a few degrees cooler, but not enough to make a significant difference. That website was pretty fun!

10:57 AM

Blogger Melanie said...

You know, I'm going to have a 50 things I want to say to Zach list next time I see you. I always think there are a lot of things I want to say, and can't remember any of them. LOL It was really good seeing you tonight. Stay warm and tell the bus driver to drive careful and keep you safe.


11:28 PM


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