Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Stream of Conciousness.

I bought some music today, Bob Dylan and the band, Bright Eyes, and far, I like the Dylan the best, but I think that's just because i've been listening to it. Today, Jacob powered through four more songs, the boy is on fire and I love it. I'm becoming more and more excited about the songs each day, I can't wait to lay some guitars down. Ok, so if anyone who is interested in guitars is gonna read this blog, what amp would you like to use the most? Marshall, Matchless, Sound City, Orange, Vox or Bogner. I'm on the fence here and I'm not sure what direction I want to go. I think I want to hit up the Marshalls first, for some reason...but I'm gonna try all the amps out. I feel like an idiot lately, my brain isn't really working. It isn't diving into any thought, it's just circling around some vague, pointless functions. I guess I've been thinking about the record recently, and analyzing it, thinking about what I want to do. Althought, it is all relatively foggy as far as details go...I don't want to overthink anything though. Last night was Halloween and it is probably my least favorite holiday behind Easter. When I was growing up, I didn't look forward to any holidays that didn't let me miss a day of school. Easter always required me to dress up extra nice for church, ughh. I'm sitting at this computer dazed right now, I am certain that I would be of no entertainment to anyone right now, merely because my mind is doing its own thing. Tonight, I'm drinking wine, and listening to a collection of songs that Bob Dyland recorded with The Band in some basement in Saugerties,'s good. I wish I coulda been there to say the least. Hey, if you could relive one musical moment in history, what would it be? Interesting question perhaps, or what would it be like to relive any moment in history. It boggles my mind, history that is. I'm still reading Ayn Rand, her philosophy is something that I can only agree with on certain levels, but I wonder how her philosophy played into feminism. I mean, she is all about extreme individualism and empowerment to make oneself happy, not considering the well being of others, although, the sexual scenes in her books almost play out like rapes in some cases, very forceful and submissive on the woman's part, although, at the same time, it is always depicted as some fulfillment of base desires (or what the world thinks of as "base" desires) and that is merely satisfying oneself. I guess the confusion comes in the way she describes the scenes. I swear, I remember reading The Fountainhead and I could've sworn the hero in this book (Howard Roark) pretty much raped Gail Wynan. Oh well, knowing me and my lack of reading between the lines, I'm completely missing something.


Blogger Joel said...

I suspect the amps you rattled off are the ones you have available to you in the studio, otherwise I'd hands down recommend you try a Dr. Z.

If you are limited to the ones you've named, I'd suggest you go with whatever will give you the best clean foundation. From there you can always dirty it up. Marshalls aren't really known for their "cleans", and are pretty predictable. The Bogner is hard to tell unless you know specifically which model it is. The "Shiva" or "Metropolis" would have solid cleans.

Obviously, feel them all out. Which ever one makes you come to life is what you should roll with.

6:08 AM

Blogger katelyn said...

this author you keep talking about sounds alluring.

8:17 AM

Anonymous Andy said...

use Marshall amps for the distortion stuff because it has a really clean and very deep tone. Vox and Orange are the absolute best for laying down clean tracks

10:05 AM


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