Tuesday, September 12, 2006

go figure.

I heard The Weakerthans in a Starbucks this morning...ironic.


Blogger katelyn said...


2:18 PM

Blogger Kristen said...

they are on the soundtrack for the movie Wedding Crashers too.

5:08 PM

Anonymous taryn said...

did you know the starbucks lady is a two-tailed mermaid? and you know how much i like mermaids.

10:33 PM

Blogger Jennifer Rae said...

Working for Starbucks, I have heard alot of fabulous music.... The discount on cds dosen't hurt either... ;)

7:39 PM

Blogger disneydin said...

oh, yes! i love the discount!! the other day i heard a song i never expected to hear at starbucks too...right when i started my shift. starbucks is branching out to a whole bunch of artists...just look at the hear music cd rack...ours is full!

10:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention that. Chcek this out. (It's from Brewing Culture.)

Starbucks Culture
“There’s the faintest whiff of discriminating good taste around everything Starbucks sells, a range of products designed, on some level, to flatter the buyer’s self regard,” writes Susan Dominus in The New York Times (10/21/06). Indeed, as noted by Timothy Jones, who puts together those Starbucks compilations CDs that sell so well: “We do our best with a new artist when there’s sort of an NPR buzz going on around them.” Like the Decemberists or Madeleine Peyroux, for instance. It’s a pretty neat hipster trick; the more mainstream Starbucks becomes, the more robust its ability to project a certain countercultural cred that appeals to wealthy, hippy-dippy, baby boomers. Novelist Jonathan Lethem compares the illusion to Apple’s: “It’s the faint affect of a counterculture shackled to the most ordinary, slightly upscale product.” Jonathan calls this a “faux alternative” aesthetic.

6:42 AM


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