Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hearing songs for the first time.

Tonight was a great night. I just listened to music...and I am truly in love with Elliott Smith's songs.


Blogger Joel said...


Just want to say I saw a band last night, that will remain nameless, who I up till last night really enjoyed. They are creative and very independent in their writing. Last night they disappointed me greatly by using the stage as a platform to go on political rhetoric tangents. This turned me off greatly.

I want to personally thank you guys in Mae for being true. You guys have always stepped on the stage to play music and let it speak for itself. Only once down at Bogart's in Cincy did I ever hear Dave explain the lyrics of a song (and appropriately so). You all stay true to what you all do amazingly well and continue to impress me as a band both in your musical presentation but maybe more so by what you don't even feel the need to say.


8:55 AM

Anonymous Jen said...

I was really bored today since I'm stuck inside with the flu (ew), so I decided to read your posts, and this one made me really happy. I've loved Elliott Smith since I heard "Fond Farewell" and "Twilight", and all my friends think I'm a total freak for it. So basically I'm glad to hear you like him too.

1:21 PM


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