Friday, October 20, 2006

"another hot girl with a skin condition"

Last night I was invited to some myspace comedy show and it was great. Sarah Silverman, Nick Swardson, David Spade and a few others performed and it was the first time I had been to something like that. It was at the Improv in LA and it was worth going. It takes a whole to get me to go anywhere at night here in this city, so I'm glad to say it was well worth it. I think Sarah Silverman was the funniest one there last night, maybe it was a toss up between her and Nick Swardson. Anyway, this morning I have been browsing on the internet and I found myself at Ryan Adam's website, he has this new thing called "Cardinals Radio" and I suggest you go check it out, it will probably make little sense unless you know that Ryan Adams is on the brink (in an endearing way), or atleast, some of these songs would suggest that. I'm a fan of his and I saw him play at the Norva in VA and it was wonderful, but anyway, these songs I'm listening to are kind of funny and thought provoking for certain reasons. I love Ryan Adams. Moving on, I find myself in the middle of frustration, pensive ramblings that lead me no where really. Every morning I walk down to Borders bookstore and read a few more pages of Atlas Shrugged and wonder why my brain hits walls all the time. Whatever, what do I expect, I'm in Los Angeles, the city of inspiration. I don't want to come off negative here, I'm having a good time and the record is coming along great. In a week or so we will fly to Orlando to play a show at UCF, and then fly right back to LA to start tracking the record. We hope you guys and girls like the songs as much as we do. Talk to you soon.


Blogger katelyn said...

the fact that your brain hits walls is a sign that your normal. something might be wrong with you if you didn't have that occasional "wall bumping".

3:28 PM


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