Saturday, August 12, 2006

I was recently reading some past comments you folks have made and I came across this one.

has anyone here even researched global warming or are you just accepting what left wing politicians are saying about it?
it's a hoax.
check it out at

and to that I say..."hmmm"

Yea, so you guys can check out, and then you can check out, or, if you want, check out


Blogger Ethan said...

Global warming may or may not be real, I'm not very convinced that it is, but its has become an idiotic vehicle for extreme liberals to blame more things on SUV drivers, Republicans, the middle class, and George Bush. If it is real, we humans have had little to do with it anyway.

3:55 PM

Blogger Ethan said...

From what I saw on the Myths & Facts section of, it just states the output levels of co2, not the actual effect it is having on the atmosphere or proven studies that link fossil fuels & humans to global warming.

3:59 PM

Blogger Kathryn said...

i believe in global warming, not because of what left wing politicians say but because leonardo dicaprio said it was real on oprah ;)

7:11 PM

Anonymous katie / despite.these.rains said...

it's so strange that you posted this today. this morning i had the most mind-boggling conversation ever with my father, during which he launched into a tirade about global warming being a "money making scam" dreamed up by "the leftists". he was so angry and so self-assured that i was left kind of speechless.

i have a lot of these conversations with members of my family, because they are what might be called textbook conservative Christians and "fundamentalists". it's been weird for me in school, because often my profs will say something about "fundies" like they are some kind of nebulous other people, far removed from the lives of us students. but for me-- that's my family. that's my aunt and uncle who have me over every thanksgiving and got me an mp3 cd player for my birthday. so i'm at kind of a intersection between what i learn and discover, and what i was brought up to know.

on the global warming issue, what i wanted to say to my dad (and whoever left you that comment) is that it shouldn't matter if there is already a "hole in the ozone layer". we know that polluting our planet and abusing its resources is a bad idea. we're supposed to be good stewards of the world we live in-- the world i believe God put us here to inhabit and care for. and we're not doing a good job. the landfills and dying species and lack of unspoiled land are evidence of this. so let's have less conspiracy theorizing and complacency, more initiative on dealing with this problem.

/long windedness. geez i am perpetually spamming you with essays. sorry dude.

10:01 PM

Blogger Deadpool said...

hmm... tempting, maybe tomorrow I'll get the rest of my info, I actually had a great debate about this on a forum a while ago, and normally I would just take the weenie way out and link to that, but, the site had server issues and the thread is now gone...
so, tomorrow if I'm not busy I'll get all the science.

the "inconvenient truth" link is just hoaky, I have to read through the first one some more, and the last one didn't work.

basically, yes, greenhouse gases do exist, yes, they are increasing, no, it's not from man-made effects, and man can not do anything about it. soon I will explain why.

11:17 PM

Blogger Zach said...

Oh man, people are taking shots at liberals warming is a hot button topic I see.

7:36 AM

Blogger Ethan said...

I hope from my posts people don't think I don't believe in taking care of our environment... I think it's good to conserver and use new technology to our advantage, I'm just tired of politicians playing the "Global Warming" card instead of doing something about it themselves...

9:34 AM

Blogger lizzy said...

To tell the truth, I dont know if its real or not but something as important as global warming shouldn't be shunted off till later. Might as well prevent and'repair' now than wait till it happens or gets worse.

8:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Again last night I had that strange dream
Where everything was exactly how it seemed
Where concerns about the world getting warmer
The people thought they were just being rewarded
For treating others as they'd like to be treated
For obeying stop signs and curing diseases
For mailing letters with the address of the sender
Now we can swim any day in November..."
- the postal service...

9:36 PM

Blogger spydrwebb said...

i feel global warming is as real as clinical depression. they both will bring with them a great vengeance but the world decides to look away out of ignorance, among other reasons.

5:07 AM


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