Friday, August 25, 2006

day to day.

I haven't posted much recently, mainly because I've been feeling dumb, my brain has kind of slowed down for one reason or another. I'm still slowly moving through "Atlas Shrugged", I'm at the part when Hank Rearden is offered a blank check for his for mula of Rearden Metal...I love the plot twists....although, I do remember this part from when I read it last. For some reason, in the Ayn Rand books I've read, Gwynneth Paltrow always seems like she would be a good person to play the female role (Gail Wynand of Dagny Taggart) if there was ever a new movie made based on one of her books, well, with the exception of maybe, "We the Living." If there are movies made based on her books already, I haven't seen them. There is something about Rand's style of writing that I can't get enough of, she's so incredibly descriptive, but never cliche or trite, and she can always paint such a vivid image with words, more so than any other author I've read. In some way, the visuals she creates do a good job of not only setting up the scene, but the mood of the scene, the emotions, the thoughts, etc...of the characters invovled. In addition, I think there is truth in everything she says, but not with the extreme to which she believes, but perhaps I've already mentioned that. I watched that movie "Ghost World" the other day, and, "The United States of Leland"...although I admit, the only reason I watched "Ghost World" is because Scarlet Johansson is in it, and the only reason I watched "The United States of Leland" is because I know that Jeremy Egnik wrote the soundtrack (and Kevin Spacey is in it)...Rob is always raving about the music. Both movies were worth the two hours it took to watch them, Steve Buscemi was in "Ghost World"....score. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier and as you can probably tell after reading this blog, I have nothing to say, nothing of importance anyway. I also bought a Pink Floyd record recently...oh! and apparently Bob Dylan was quoted as saying that "modern music is worthless"...God Bless him, whether you agree or not.


Anonymous taryn said...

i used to only watch the lion king because jtt was the voice of simba.

10:30 AM

Blogger katelyn said...

i don't think i've ever seen miss. paltrow in a movie where she didn't do a wonderful job. pointless comment, i suppose. :)

11:04 PM

Blogger spydrwebb said...

dylan's on too much candy to know the difference.

5:05 AM

Blogger Cathy! said...

hey, you caught up to me fast. Guess its because I am reading The Mind Of God and Atlas Shrugged simultaneously. I do really think they should make movies of her books, but then if that were the case, I'd probably watch it just to criticize on how much better the book was..

The parts after the part you metnioned are very exciting, and I am on the edge of my seat reading! haha

5:48 PM


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