Wednesday, February 13, 2008

japanese robes.

i'm still unsettled, i still have no opinion. i'm a field that has been trampled upon by so many ideas, boot prints, imprints left to linger in the mud.i'm still unsettled, vulnerable to the seasons of new vagabonds. am i intrigued? am i sold? am i a believer? i believe in purity that is trampled, and it takes the highest degree of faith and hope, set against all i see, to retain that idea. the heart can so easily be manipulated, the mind can so easily be cheated and cut short, or taken advantage of. i feel as though we can be pushed into corners, forced to keep our dreams imprisoned in our sleep. i do believe in the strength of beauty and the anchor of love, it can be used, abused, and destroyed, but never completely eradicated. all of this achievement, all of these desires and philosophies, family, the empire of the human mind. a mind that recognizes the value of evolution just as much as it values the minds of others. recognizing the undying currents, recognizing that which nourishes free creativity, and the worth of every mind that is motivated and every mind that is a victim. human tenacity and resilience. i think that the mind has many enemies, it has to fight to stay pure. many enemies are hidden or disguised. i can see the truth in statements that speak of God's failure, but I think it's something that God is completely aware of.


Blogger Melanie said...

To see God's failure one would have to sit in the position of judging God. I don't think I'm up to the task. We failed, we unleashed this Pandora's box. We are like spoiled children thinking somehow God has to bail us out. That any of us escape will indeed be a miracle and an act of love.

But who knows, maybe my mind is a "victim" I hope not. You always do make me think. That's not a bad thing at all.

Then sometimes I think I latch onto one thing you are saying I can most relate to and not sure I always get the rest, except it does seem here that you are unsettled. Purity in this world, of thought or anything else is difficult at best (probably an understatement.)

God's blessings, Melanie

4:37 AM


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