Saturday, September 22, 2007

first we take manhattan.

i watched a leonhard cohen dvd today, this girl i like told me that she thought it was boring, but i liked it. i like it a lot, my dad told me about leonard cohen, and when i first heard jeff buckley's version of hallelujah, i had no idea it was originally a leonard cohen song. he had a good way of saying things, he could find hypnotic ways to say simple things..thats what i think anyway, i think a lot more about leonard cohen, but i'm going to keep it to myself. at this point in my life, this very small portion of my life, this very consequential time...there are only two ways to think of it, pleasantly indifferent with a good attitude, or i could just stop where the barricades are placed...but what's the fun in that. I should just move to chicago and spend my life savings on a hotel room suite along the lake in the winter time, i would ask you to come and tell you that i expect nothing, but any boy who expects nothing is always half lying, like someone who tells you that you can do anything you put your mind to. i'm growing tired of thinking so much, so i'm going to fall asleep, and ask my wife to wake me when it's all figured out, and then i'll just stand beside who ever makes my bed in the morning, complacency is a virtue to charish after your eyes open wide enough.


Blogger Melanie said...

An old beau introduced me to Leonard Cohen when I was about 16. Sometimes what I remember first about his music is his deep voice. But then I remember all the Leonard Cohen songs I used to listen to sung by other folk artists as well. I was really into folk music back then -- when I wasn't listening to what was popular. But then a lot of folk artists were popular, too. The lyrics are good and so are the melodies. They are anything but boring. Now.. trying to remember who else used to do Suzanne. I used to love that song. I looked it up and Judy Collins sang it. So did Noel Harrison.. I think that's the version I liked. In fact, I'm rather sure of it.
Memories... long ago forgotten.

3:02 AM

Blogger AJ said...

your writing sure is visually beautiful. winter lake in chicago...i envisioned the frost-embraced trees at the beginning of the 'sky blue sky' dvd. wow...whoever your wife will be, she will definetly not wilt from lack of your romantic heart, my friend...would you mind teaching the other men out there for the rest of us...thanks! :)

7:18 PM

Anonymous hannah said...

i LOVE that song, but i have never heard it sung by either if those people. the one i know and love is off of the shrek soundtrack. jason _____ from lifehouse sings it.

9:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:28 PM

Blogger Laura said...

Until now I would've sworn Jeff Buckley wrote that song.

I heard it two years ago and knew every word, but I couldn't remember ever hearing it in my life before. I've asked everyone I know since then, including my parents, and no one had heard it. Ever since it's had an odd, but special, place in my heart.

7:23 PM


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