Thursday, July 12, 2007

everybody does NOT love raymond.

I hate that when I come home from the studio, I see the preview channel and TBS is showing like one episode of Seinfeld and like four of Everybody Loves Raymond. I don't mind Everybody Loves Raymond, I just don't want to watch four episodes. I really want a Seinfeld channel. When I was in college, I was at a show at the House of Blues in Orlando and I saw this girl. She had really innocent curly brown hair, and a really colorful sweater with horizontal stripes. I think there were red stripes, on pink stripes, on orange stripes, on yellow strips...a lot of acidic, brilliant colors. Anyway, I told her that I loved her sweater and I e-mailed her later. The e-mail was very unobtrusive, the opposite of invasive. She responded with a very presumptous response, it said something like, "I have a boyfriend." Anyway, I was persistant and I got to know her. She knew a whole lot about music, she had a whole slew of Bob Dylan records, REM, the Band, really good stuff. That enough is to keep me around. She had a lot of drawing on her ceilings, she flew kites and walked around her yard in her feet a lot. One time, we were watching Seinfeld on her couch and we kissed, I think it may have only happened that one time. Her dad was the most laid back man I know. He would slouch on his lawn mower, with a big summer hat shading his face. Her and I did this thing where we wrote down all of our favorite things down and see how many we could list was like 3 pages front and back. She was more optimistic than me, super smart, and although it may seem weird to say, she kind of reminds of soft soap....very soft skin, a comforting natural scent, a good organic essence. We kind of lost touch because I was always going on tour, and I've hung out with her once or twice since then. She's changed a lot, but I think mostly it was a natural change from who she was when I knew her, but since I hadn't seen her in so long, it seemed strange. Last time I saw her, we drank a beer at a bar, and then walked around Orlando, over by some construction site. I felt like we didn't have much to talk about. Maybe we never did, it was more just a good feeling she gave me, she was a hippy, and unpredictable in her opinions..I could never really guess what she'd say about certain things. She would tell me stories of how she would make videos for her boyfriend who lived in North Carolina. She'd take baths and bring the video camera in with her, but there wasn't anything scandalous about it, I suppose she thought of herself in the tub as just a body getting clean, with an intentional hint of seduction which she kept so subtle, and for the most part very innocent, like watching an infant in a sink full of water. She mad me a mixed tape which I still have, she painted it thick with yellow and green and black. One time, we sat in some hammocks and wrote letters to each other, all while being merely feet away from one another, I felt pressure to say things that would impress her, which wasn't the point really. I never really committed to wanting to be with her, and she never implied that she wanted was just a relationship that bordered on being something deeper, but I don't think either of us wanted ther repsonsibility. It was more fun to just hint at things, hold hands on rare occasions and just keep each other guessing. Although I may be remebering things in my favor, I wouldn't be suprised if I was, in reality, very transparent in my desire to be with her. I think I'm very transparent. "I'm so transparent I disappear"


Blogger Melanie said...

You may be transparent, but you can still be seen, and heard.

The memories are good ones, it seems. It's funny how people grow and change. It's usually a good thing, but sometimes you can miss the things that were as well. There is such a wistfulness to everything you write, but you write it so very well.

BTW, I have probably only seen pieces here and there of Everybody Loves Raymond. Is it really on that much? LOL I often loved the monologues at the beginning of the earlier episodes, and of course, like a lot of other people, I love the soup nazi. I have a Seinfeld cup I bought at the NBC studios on a visit, and somehow it got chipped, but I keep it anyway. LOL

I'm beginning to ramble now. I'm way too good at that.

Thanks for sharing your memories. I can really picture everything. You are indeed gifted.

2:07 AM

Blogger Melanie said...

oops.. that was supposed to say I loved the monologues at the beginning of Seinfeld. Sorry. LOL

2:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope I meet someone whose brain functions as beautifully as yours does while I'm in Orlando for school.

11:18 AM

Blogger Monique said...

I think I like this post more than any other you've ever written. For so many reasons.

1:29 PM

Anonymous A.J. said...

sounds like she had great taste~in music & in spending time with you. :) The Band!!! No way~that is Dad was just in town visiting for 3 precious days & i took him to one of my favorite used records shops & i got another Tom Petty & he picked-out one of his old favorites from the 60's & 70's--The Band!! We rocked-out together, enjoying their funky-folky-hippie-blue-grassy style~loved their upright bass, piano, banjo, & mandolin. It was the perfect ending to three days of sharing simple pleasures with my dad..a strong cup of good coffee over great conversation, scouring used book & record shops, spending hours in the local guitar shop playing & eyeing a new 12 string (him, an electric this time & me, an acoustic), splitting a piece of fresh strawberry pie (his favorite :)), and listening to him play & sing a song he wrote for my sister & I on my guitar (requires a box of kleenex for me everytime! :))...i love the simple things in life. i love anything with banjo & mandolin...reminds me of good times at the summer outdoor blue-grass festivals while i was growing-up.. ..seems like i can still feel the cool green grass between my toes and remember the wonder of the brilliant star-filled sky that seemed to be in perfect harmony with the crystal-clear tones that captured my ears & my heart from the stage. a beautiful & rare quality...the unashamed love that you've spoken of & alluded to in your journalings towards the different women in your life (and there seems to be a multitude..aren't you tired? :))is remarkable & stands-out far from disappearing. someday there will be a woman that will return your translucent affection with much depth & appreciation that will touch even the unspoken depths of your heart..perhaps she is among the ones you've spoken of already or as yet to be revealed to you, but when she is you will know perfectly that she was knit together just for you..have a beautiful evening & fun-filled weekend! Cheers! :)

5:14 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

A.J. Methinks you are a hopeless romantic. ;) But I love it. LOL
I remember "The Band". I saw them many years ago.. gosh I feel old now. LOL

3:08 AM

Blogger rachel! said...

that sounds like something nice.

4:42 PM

Blogger lkerbo said...

I believe a movie about your life would be good fodder for anyone, as long as you wrote it. I suppose it should just be a movie, not an autobiographical account or anything. Or maybe a book...which ever you prefer. I really do wish you'd explore those avenues. The reactions inspired by your ability to recapitulate events makes me more than hopeful for all that may happen in my life, whether you write out of happiness or disheartening feelings. One is just as beneficial as the other.

If nothing else, blog forever...

11:58 AM


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