Sunday, July 01, 2007

summerfest summed up.

i wrote this to a friend of mine, and after i read it again this morning, i figure it sums up my night pretty well.

hey ****, tonight i wandered from stage to stage and was ultimately unsatisfied. there were nice rocks layed up against the shore and nice green water with a moon to make it appear romantic. but it really wasnt, it was really just beer and hot dogs and glow sticks and cotton candy. ya know, the gems of summer.
i miss you...i think you think i'm silly, but i take you seriously. you're mind is taller than your body. it kind of drags along behind you soaking up wisdom from the soil. that soil in tallahassee has been there forever, and indians worshipped it. i am sitting in the front lounge of the bus with a hoodie on, pulled up over my head, wondering when i'll finally cave and crawl into my bunk. i watched slaughter play tonight, i held my hands up among the hundreds of middle aged office workers drunk on miller light and memories. it was boring, but memorable.


Anonymous A.J. said...

Wow, Zach, you are beautifully in love with this girl..."I miss you...I think you think I'm silly, but i take you seriously. You're mind is taller than your kind of drags along behind soaking up wisdom from the soil"...brillantly romantic! You better go get her & continue to pour out this unveiled appreciation of her beauty! Lovely...let us know when you are engaged..then married & then wonderfully old, sipping sweet iced tea together, swinging, your hand in hers, on an old porch swing, listening to the echo of crickets in the cool night air. :)

1:56 PM

Blogger Zach said...

haha, how elegant you've made this all seem. we're honestly just good friends. but she's really cool, and super smart.

10:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love zach. so much.

4:02 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

Hmm... good friends is probably the best place to start, and probably the riskiest as well. IT's funny how that works. Then sometimes you're just friends for whatever reason.

But it's good to have close friends, even if it means you have to miss them sometimes.

12:34 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

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8:54 PM


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