Monday, July 09, 2007

art suffer england hatred.

i had a fun tonight. I went and saw Morrissey play at the NorVa. A friend managed to find me a free ticket and so I met him down on Monticello. I sat outside and waited for him, watching the line kind of dwindle and grow by the minute, but it never became ridiculous or anything. I saw a lot of black hair, a lot of black shirts, a lot of Morrissey shirts. There was also a good amount of middle aged suburban women there, singing thier responsible little hearts out. One girl who was right in front of me was towing the line between endearing and annoying. She was sweaty and dancing so much, and texting people all night. I saw one text she sent, it said, "We need to talk soon, I'm dating an alcoholic," and right about then, Morrissey mentioned Madonna and rolled his eyes shortly after, speaking something about the gullible nature of spectators who are perhaps fooled into thinking Madonna actually cares about the environment. He said, "If the climate were a coat, she'd wear it," and then every one laughed and he went into another song about how nobody loves him, all the while there are 1500 screaming blind children. The show was awesome, I hope my account doesn't seem to scathing. Morrissey has kind of snuck into this arena of iconic musical figures. While most of his lyrics deal with deal with lack of, or longing for love, he has found a way to make it a tad more personal, specific and meaningful, way more honest than most. "I am human and I want to be loved, just like everybody else does." He looks great for how old he is, and his swagger was very indicitive of how he views himself, in some kind of high esteem, propped up by a romanticized misery. It seems like he exists in a juxtaposition of his ego and his contrary self pity. Although, who knows what to believe about anyone when all you have are songs? I am no Morrissey expert, but I do love The Smiths.


Anonymous A.J. said...

man, morrissey... you are a cool dude, zach...quite eclectic music taste..very fun! i haven't listened to the smiths in forever...perhaps that's because the last memory i have of listening to the smiths was sitting on roof-top with friends, looking at the stars(nice so far, huh?)..but,then not so pleasantly getting sick on white russians! Ugh! Alas, must mean it's time to create a new memory with morrissey :)...glad you had fun!

9:16 PM

Blogger Zach said...

aj, you always post on my journal, who are you?

10:09 PM

Anonymous A.J. said...

wow..that sure is a loaded question isn't it~"who are you?"...that may take hundreds of bottles of wine & over a lifetime to unravel & answer! :)if i ever stop growing & learning and being teachable, please, you have my permission to call me out on it! :)For today, I am a woman with a passion for helping others;my loving family & friends; music & the arts, in all their glorious & vast forms; literature, psychology,& philosophy;writing & devouring books;seeing the world & making a home a retreat & refuge. After (what feels like way too many) years of study, research, and writing, i am preparing to defend my dissertation and finally finish graduate school by this summer's end!!! i am a woman filled with excitement to complete this chapter of life with much perseverance & all of God's grace...and yet, i sit anxiously anticipating, on the edge of the unknown, like a little girl on Christmas morning trying desperately to hold back from unwrapping the gifts lovingly prepared for her,in this next season of my life. That is a sketch of who i am...with the complete portrait to be painted over time...:)i began listening to your music after my younger sister & I heard you play a few years ago in San Diego. i continue to enjoy your music & am captivated by your writing! perhaps, my sister & I will be able to say "hi" at one of your shows in Southern California, in late August...but, i am not sure i will still be here as i await to see where i will be best placed for a residency position next year...could be anywhere across the nation...exciting! please, keep gracing us with your beautiful are a very gifted man! :)

3:27 PM


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