Tuesday, April 28, 2009

thanks for the effort brain

I would love to be able to say that I "roamed the streets of Austin" last night, but I didn't, I roamed up and down 6th street a few times. All roaming was done within the span of a few blocks, but still, it was Austin and there was music, sushi, street musicians, tattoos and polaroids. Austin can never exist alone anymore, it will always be soaked in memories, which is fine. Whether it's saying goodbye to a friend in the back seat of a strangers car, a not so pleasant dinner at Kenichi, ACL festival or South Congress in general, the streets will always be grabbing at my ankles. I'm pretty sure I have memories in over 70% of the nation's cities at this point, but some are thicker and more humid than others. In some cities I can barely walk down the street without my mind constantly recreating events that happened years and years ago. I heard that the more foggy a memory, the more accurate it probably is, or maybe it's better to say that the more lucid a memory is, the more altered it is. Apparently, your brain will paint it's own picture of a memory as the years pass, so that one can end up with a pretty romanticized idea of an event that has mostly been forgotten. How sweet of our minds to try it's hardest not to let us forget about certain things.


Blogger Melanie said...

I wonder how true that really is? I know it is true with some things, although some events have enough emotion to get pretty well etched. Even so things do tend to fade with time. I find I forget a lot more as I get older. My brain is rather like a cluttered hard drive... the data is all there, but it's garbled. LOL

I've never been to Austin, and you almost make me want to visit 6th St. :)

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