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So, this is an interesting story and one that is rather Karmic and humorous. A long time ago I posted a very verbose, unfounded (in terms of the specific Book) "critique" of a book called "The Ethical Slut". The post was motivated by boredom and simply an exercise for me, something to have fun with. Well, in a display of irresponsibility, I titled the blog "The Ethical Slut" which would surely show up on search results if the author wanted to find reviews of the book, and of course, she did.

While I definitely mentioned that I had not read the book and that the post should be taken "with a rock of salt", I still feel obliged to apologize to the author and to express to her my complete understanding of her reaction. I am not a columnist, I am not a book critic, and I am not a sociologist who specializes in sexuality. I am a bored person with and abundance opinions and a desire to create INTERNAL debates. I did not expect a blog of mine to find its to the author of the book which this post concerns, or actually, the posts concerns the summary, not the book. I bought the book, while I clearly stated my lack of qualifications on the matter and mentioned a disclaimer which should effectively negate any opinions I have on the summary, I feel I should apologize either way. Wow! What a surprise, but I shouldn't expect anything else with the "internet"...sheesh.


Blogger Melanie said...

I commented on an author's book in a newsgroup once long ago. (Does anyone use newsgroups anymore?) I ended up getting a comment back by the author and we had a short dialogue going via e-mail for a bit. Things do find their way back to people on the net. The world is a much smaller and larger (and sometimes overwhelming) place all at the same time.

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Blogger Em Jipp said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

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Blogger emily said...


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Blogger emily said...

also, in case you were wondering, the comment above mine was also written by me but under a different blogger account (one that i didn't even realize i had). it's an imposter!

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