Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm busy lately

I'm on tour right now, so pleae forgive the scarcity of my posts lately. I'm in Orlando now and looking forward to hanging out with family and friends tonight. Although, earlier today I had some time to read more of "Practice in Christianity"..a later Kierkegaard book. I going to leave a quote. Thanks to all of you who have come out to the shows so far! If by any chance a person from Orlando reads this within the next 6 hours, come to the Social tonight!

"And in truth, the eighteen hundred years have not contributed to a jot to demonstrating the truth of Christianity; on the contrary, with steadily increasing power they have contributed to abolishing Christianity. It is not at all the case, either, as one might logically assume when the demonstration of the eighteen hundred years is applauded, that now in the nineteenth century one is convinced of the truth of Christianity in a way totally different from the way people were in the first and second generations--it is indeed rather the case (and this really sounds somewhat satirical on the worshipers and adorers of that demonstration) that in proportion as the demonstration increased in power--fewer and fewer were convinced. But this is what happens when once and for all the crucial point in something is missed: frightful confusions can result that increase from generation to generation. Now, since it has been demonstrated, and on an enormous scale, that Christianity is the truth, now there is no one, almost no one, who is willing to make any sacrifice for its sake. When one--shall I say when one "only" believed its truth--then sacrificed life and blood. What a frightful delusion! If only, as that pagan who burned the libraries, one could push aside those eighteen hundred years--if one cannot do that, then Christianity is indeed abolished. If only it could be made evident to all those orators who demonstrate the truth of Christianity by eighteen hundred years and win people, if only it could be made evident to them, frightful as it is, that they are betraying, denying, abolishing, Christianity--if that cannot be done, then Christianity is abolished."


Blogger Melanie said...

I rather like that citation actually. It's very thoughtful.
I tend to see the human spirit as who we are rather than as the collective it sometimes refers to. I guess it has to be placed in context like all things. Complacency and resignation with a few anecdotes.. find myself there a lot. LOL

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