Friday, February 20, 2009


I hope all of you have downloaded "Boomerang" by now, if not, please do it...what the heck are you waiting for? Right now I'm freezing cold in Grove City, Pennsylvania. On the way up to the campus of the college we are playing, I saw some dude snowboarding down a shallow white sloap and I immediately wanted a sled or toboggin or whatever they are called. Guh, it's so friggin cold. I'm drowning in a lot of words I don't know right now. I'm reading a book about Kierkegaards influence in post/modernity. After most essays, I usually have to settle for a very general, vague and possibly inaccurate understanding of what was discussed. I'm gonna offer and excerpt from book, regarding the "individual's" existence within the "crowd"...the abstract "public".

"Thus, the individual portrays the high pesonal and social stakes involved in developing critical awareness; for it is not the individual who repudiates community, but rather the crowd which subjects the individual to social opprobrium and threatens to destroy her/him. As Kierkegaard puts it, 'The Crowd is untruth. Therefore Christ was crucified......; and further, the crowd is unrepentent'"

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Blogger Melanie said...

I finally downloaded it this afternoon. I was waiting for payday. :)

Someday maybe I'll get brave and use a toboggan again. I tipped one over as a kid, sprained my neck a little and have been a little leery of them since. LOL But maybe on a small hill with a slower sled would be fun. I hate the cold. I've been to work three nights and am already tired of scraping the ice off my window after work. LOL

There is certainly a measure of truth in the Kierkegard citation.
I call it group thinking. It's very different from individual thinking.

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