Monday, January 12, 2009


"Pagan blood returns! The Spirit is near; why doesn't Christ help me by granting my soul nobility and liberty? Alas! The Gospel has gone by! The Gospel! The Gospel. Greedily I await God. I am of an inferior race for all eternity"

I bought a book of Rimbaud's poetry this weekend. For some reason, I have an endearing fascination with tortured souls. Maybe the word "tortured" is a bit too dramatic. Perhaps the word, "longing" is more apt. Rimbaud stopped writing poetry at the age of nineteen. That makes me feel unaccomplished.


Blogger ejipp said...

weirdness! i was very close to buying a rimbaud book on friday. i didn't though because i figured my only connection to him was through the praising from dylan and though i love dylan i haven't always loved his influences. also i confuse him with ferlinghetti. also i hate poetry.

2:26 PM

Blogger David said...

poetry is hard sell, i agree. and I also confess that my interest in Rimbaud was born from Jim Morrison's mention of him.

3:11 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

Poetry is such a hard sell because there is so much of it out there, and a lot of it is actually good. (Although there is a lot of bad poetry out there masquerading as well.)

I think you are accomplished enough, Zach, your accomplishments are probably just different. You have your own gifts.

3:06 AM


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