Friday, January 23, 2009

devil's advocate

verses from those two angels on my shoulder continue to create these earthly displays that reaffirm the lessons of a begrudged and lonely teacher whose wisdom is displayed repeatedly to countless generations through sad songs, tragic literature and bad poetry. they find surprisingly catchy melodies and paint vivid pictures to remind me that life is not mine to be lived, but instead, it is merely a reminder of what i desire and a reminder of what exists in the sobriety of the "real world". a sobriety, which ironically, creates drunkards after they realize that mission statements and ambitions become hypothetical. truth is revealed only in hindsight. truth is revealed only after the opportunity arises to seize it. when that opportunity arises, all of a sudden, we remember those safety nets which keep us chained in the foyer of the mansion which i've been told about over and over again, but the mansion is only experienced by the people i read about, the true artists and the true christians, the true geniuses who are alway exceptions to the rule and the traditional rote. those prophets don't really exist, they only exist in audio form really. they will all be let downs i'm sure .if i meet them, that passion i hear in song will only amount to imagination with which the silly ones are blessed. I'm going to end up joining the GOP because they aren't idealists, they are the evolutionists. screw the welfare of those who can't create their own way, make room for me and my accomplishments. the inward aspirations count only in poetry, and poets usually end up going crazy, or being liars, or addicts. i've read today that those passionate poets explain nothing, if that's true..hmm. dreams are a let down.
it's a good time, but my love is assuaged.

no one is righteous no one is righteous no one is righteous no one is righteous


Blogger Melanie said...

Ah, neither party has the answer because the government was never the solution in the first place.
There is a certain irony about the concept of the GOP being evolutionists and the Dems being idealists and a certain amount of truth in the thought. (There is a fair amount of the "devil's advocate" in me on occasion.)

No one is righteous, no not one. I think I read that in a book somewhere. ;)

10:35 AM


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