Saturday, November 03, 2007

simply awareness.

i'm a good for nothing. a smile and a handshake. a drink and some records can get me into that pseudo inspired revolutionary mood, the harmlessly boisterous (drunken) pickets from a leather couch. you people know that phrase,---"whats best for for everyone is bound to hurt somebody?" i just heard it sang from an ipod in my kitchen while watching a baseball game. In my head, that is a conflict of ideas. awareness vs dismissal.


Anonymous kaycee said...

if my memory serves me right the song is called youre the one that i want by something brazil.

but this blog entry is worth pondering on. i'll go and do that now.

1:05 AM

Blogger Melanie said...

there may be some truth to it, though... although if it hurts somebody it hurts everybody in a sense. So it could be rather a paradox.

I don't know the song, though.

2:25 PM

Blogger Sam said...

just wanted to say how much i enjoy reading your blog. it inspires me and forces me to think past the everyday monotony i get caught up in. thats definitely good for something.

[also, great concert last night. way to rock out. i think i almost died in the motion city moshing haha, but sooo worth it because everyone was amazing.]

thanks for making me think.

12:21 PM

Blogger Kayla said...

"whats best for everyone is bound to hurt somebody?" - this reminds me of J.S. Mill's Utility principle - i just discussed it in my ethics class the other day - i love your blog because it some how always connects with my life : ) - anyways Mill says that every action will undoubtedly have negative effects for some but as long as it has more positive effects than negative then its good- i really find Mill to be brilliant ... his writing is so honest and relevant - im sure you've read him but if you havent then i highly recommend that you do! so you’ll be in NYC this weekend and I won’t be seeing you because I’m stranded in Albany and cant get home and I am really devastated so you must come back to NYC soon because we really love you here! anyway have a great show and read Mill if you have time … I’d love to know what you think! Peace

7:42 PM

Blogger David said...

i dont know what i think of Mill's thoughts yet, i'm not completely familiar, but he is connected with the idea of utilitarianism right? i guess that idea could work ideally, but then again, every idea works on paper. i figure that the consensus of what is best for everyone could be easily controlled an manipulated by those in power, the "majority"...i have a book of his called "the subjection of women"..i want to read it.

8:14 PM


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