Wednesday, September 26, 2007

give up.

i saw elvis costello and bob dylan tonight, which only reaffirmed my indifference to new music coming out and also increased my hatred for certain music already out there, i would mention names but that wouldn't be polite. I would just take rank among all the cowardly haters, spewing filth from computers all over the nation. So I won't, but I do believe that music has gotten worse, maybe there just isn't anything to sing about, but ya know..i don't know why I just said that..there is much to sing about, just too many people trying to sing about it...we need to cut down on the bands in America. I was at Cogans tonight and I saw an anarchist newspaper that called for the organization of an anarchist federation in Norfolk, now I know that anarchy does not call for the influence of chaos, but I found it mildly funny that there was an anarchist paper calling for "organization", oh well, maybe it was the Southern Comfort. Bob Dylan looked like a cute old man up there on stage tonight, singing songs that affected the world..he played High Way 61 revisted, masters of war, thunder on the mountain, etc....he didn't say a word between songs, it was refreshing, no needless, pointless stage banter. I'm tired, goodnight.


Blogger Melanie said...

Nothing like sitting in with the legends. :) I didn't even know Bob Dylan still performed. That's awesome. I saw him once, and thought he sounded bad, but then I read later that his mike wasn't working, so it must have been someone else I heard singing who wasn't supposed to be in the foreground. Whoever they were, it was really not pleasant. So now I'd like to actually hear Dylan and not just see him. (It was a fund-raiser, lots of artists with just a few songs each.) Did he play "The Times They are A Changing" I've always rather liked that one.

I like a lot of the music out there. The number of bands is overwhelming sometimes, though. And really, there isn't much new under the sun, so to speak. :)

And it's not just the Southern Comfort. Anarchists calling for organization is amusing and ironic. LOL

5:51 AM

Blogger Kayla said...

I'm seeing the Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello next weekend in Alabny! I can't wait! Sorry about the loss of Rob and Mark. I'm sure you guys will more than pull through. As long as you're not leaving I'm happy! And I'm very excited to see the new Mae in November in NYC! : )

5:56 AM

Blogger AJ said...

are you kidding me??? got to see two of my all time suck!...of course, i mean that with all good intentions :)...just to have that memory of seeing he is playing no where near me...would have loved to have had the experience of seeing him play at his show at the ryman in nashville.three classics..dylan, costello & southern comfort..good times. :)

11:56 AM

Blogger Kristen said...

I know what you mean about music today. I review cd's and concerts etc for my college's newspaper and record companies send us all kinds of stuff to review. Some are signed some aren't but the majority of it, I listen to it to review it and it's almost painful to have to sit through listening to some of these cd's. Anway, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are playing at my school on Saturday, I am jealous you got to see them tickets here were too expensive!

2:02 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

I hadn't thought about ticket cost, Kristen. LOL The most I've spent on a ticket was to see The Who. My husband approved it, but not sure he'd let me do that again, nor should he knowing our current budget. LOL But it would be great to see. I thought about taking him to see Simon & Garfunkel and the tickets were $150/each. The Who cost me $232.00. But I loved it.

2:44 PM

Blogger Kayla said...

i saw simon and garfunkel and they were AMAZING!!! i don't think i've ever seen a better show ... besides mae obviously!

3:55 PM

Anonymous Blake said...

a quote from Mr. Max Bemis:

" If bad bands exist, they exist so good bands can come and take their place: so art and expression can constantly evolve."

12:24 PM


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