Tuesday, October 09, 2007

maybe i've been bitter lately.....but come on

This is a book I saw in Barnes and Noble the other day. An essential guide to "emo" culture? sure, whatever sells right?. Surely you can, at the very least, understand why this would make me irritable. puke.


Blogger Jecca said...


anything to make a buck.

11:36 AM

Blogger Kristen said...

ridiculous but sadly I am not surprised. People will capitalize on anything to make money, god bless america.

1:02 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

Well, it's a little cheesy. What it says on the inside matters, I suppose, but one does wonder what sort of seriousness it brought to the topic with that sort of title/etc.

7:46 PM

Blogger Monique said...

I can't help but laugh a little

11:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually think it's quite funny.

9:22 AM

Blogger Kayla said...

did you happen to flip through it because i did while waiting for you guys at virgin records in NYC this summer and it was hysterical!!!

10:56 AM

Blogger Melanie said...

SO, is it a comedy book?

11:46 AM

Anonymous Zach (fenderplyr13) said...

I really hope that it says something useful. None of this "wear girls jeans" and "walk around with your head down" crap. Who would buy that?

4:03 AM

Anonymous Meg said...

It's completely mocking emo culture as a whole including suggesting the things you mentioned as well as dark nail polish, "guyliner", the ultimate emo mix cd's, and a comparison of who's emo and who is not emo. Billy Corgan was in there as "not so emo". I don't want to talk about the Billy bashing simply because Smashing Pumpkins are utterly amazing.

8:12 PM


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