Monday, October 01, 2007

Henry the Hank Rollins

Last night I got to see Henry Rollins on his spoken word tour...i've been lucky enough to see some pretty great shows lately, well, I guess just two, well, technically two, but the one show had Elvis Costello and Bob Dyaln, and now Henry Rollins. I was never a huge Black Flag fan..I liked them, but never loved them. My old band played a Black Flag cover, I think it was a song called Jealous Again. While driving around today, I put my I-Pod on shuffle..ya know, I wanted the I-Pod to shuffle all the songs on it. I have a 60 gig I-Pod, so i figure I wouldn't here the same band in the time that I was driving....BUT!! the first song was saves the day, and the 2nd song was another one by Saves the Day, and then a Beatles song came on, and right after that, ANOTHER Beatles song came on...I was pretty puzzled and annoyed. I bought the new Iron and Wine, and the new Pearl Jam triple disc collection of 3 shows at the Gorge in Seattle. I don't have much to talk about, although, Jacob asked me what I thought of how the evolution of our society over the past century or so has become increasingly obsessed with effeciancy and convenience, anything to save time, anything to get to where we are going as fast as possible, and I think it all ties into the the idea that "time is money" and it has infected our way of living. I am an impatient person, and I don't know why, it's infected me too I guess. We also talked about the idea of rebellion, and how it is a waste of energy if there is no motivating spririt involved. I think that the whole Gen X culture (whatever that means) is rebelling simply by their indifference, I can relate to that I suppose. When I think about it, there is nothing that shouldn't be questioned, and asking one question opens up five new questions, and if you keep going in that direction, you get to a point of helplessness, because you're only looking up. After all these questions, and no answers..and when answers do come along, they create another problem and keeps you anchored to the reality of how things work on a pretty mediocre level in regards to the human spirit. So am I saying not to question things? No, I'm just writing a blog.


Blogger AJ said...

i think it is so sad that our society has become obsessed with efficiency and that hurry & impatience, we have lost the art of appreciating & cultivating relationships. things that are most worthwhile seem to require a time of waiting. i understand that tasks must be done, but i don't think we should ever live at a pace that neglects the most important thing on this earth...people..if we lose sight of giving love & grace to others, and don't take the time to tend to our relationships then i think what is the point of living?

how would you describe iron and wine's music?

11:54 PM

Blogger David said...

it's very sleepy, it's very groove oriented (on his recent release more so than ever), it's really poetic, the melodies are really good, some are predictable in a comforting way, and a lot of his melodies are creative. he's one of my favorites.

6:15 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

I think another aspect of the whole saving time thing is that we've progressed so much in terms of technology that the natural thing to do is speed up our lives to catch up. It's kind of ironic - people want to be more efficient to save time, and all the extra time just goes into doing more stuff instead of just sitting back and enjoying life.

6:10 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

I haven't heard Iron and Wine, but your description makes me want to listen.

I would have loved to have heard that conversation in it's entirety. I sometimes have a difficult time balancing the effiecient and convenient with "stopping to smell the roses" so to speak. I know when I moved to UT, I rather thought it might be more laid back than CA, but things are probably even "busier" here.

And that was one random blog. My question is, though, which Beatles songs were playing. I recently bought the Rubber Soul cd. I got the vinyl when I was 10 or so for Christmas. It vanished long ago, and it was well worn. I think it's my favorite of theirs actually.

Glad you've been able to enjoy a few good shows. Sometimes I imagine it's really nice to be in the audience for a change. I was able to see Eisley and Mute Math tonight, and both were outstanding. Mute Math just defies description. I love those guys!!

Sorry.. rambling on your blog.

Have a great week. :)


12:55 AM

Anonymous Jamie said...

zach, im pretty sure there is a setting where you can choose to hear a couple of songs from each artist and it rotates that way, or you can do it the way you intended.

ill ask james, because he always changed the settings on ours, i liked to just um, put it on some band, and usually leave it there.

6:43 AM


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