Tuesday, June 12, 2007

first day over.

I haven't written on here in a while, mainly because I haven't had much to say. Right now I'm writing because we are now on tour with the Fray and OK GO, and our first show in minneapolis was last night. It's always somewhat nerve racking to go up on stage on a tour of this size for the first time, my fingers are crossed that there are no unfortunate surprises, and last night, thanks to our crew, the night went smooth. Playing an arena is strange. I really have no idea how the songs are coming across, sometimes I feel like I'm just playing to a bunch of mannequins. Mostly I can't even see the audience, and then the lights will shine out into the audience and I'm all, "woah, there a lot of people here". I guess I'm just saying that playing arena shows are still a bit strange to me, and I need to adjust. Either way, I'm stoked to be on the tour. The catering rules my face off, it was stuffed chicken last night. After the show I went out with a friend to a bar called the Imperial room or something and drank some expensive drinks and then went back to the bus rolled down a hill on my skateboard a few times and then proceeded to fall asleep. I was excited to use my new amp last night, I'm still getting used to it. I have to get a few more things for my rack, it's empty right and looks kind of funny. Anyway, we'l be in Chicago for the next few days, come say hi.


Anonymous A.J. said...

That must be pretty crazed playin to such big audiences--major props to you! Do you ever get nervous or did you ever playing in front of smaller venues too? Your rack? Is that where you sleep? What kind of stuff r u thinking of putting up? Too bad Wilco isn't playing in Chicago while u r there. R u going to get a chance to see their new tour? Hey, what's up with you guys not playin on the West coast leg with the Frey? Bummer!

3:36 PM

Blogger Peter said...

what kind of amp did you get?

and what are you filling up your rack with?


10:59 AM

Blogger Zach said...

peter, i got a 77 jmp 50 watt marshall, and i'm gonna get a delay unit, and a midi control system for my rack.

8:24 AM

Anonymous A.J. said...

Ok, my blonde roots are showing...I feel like an idiot! I was thinking "rack" like what my step-dad called where he slept in the military...oops! Could someone help a girl out & explain what exactly a rack is? Something to do with guitar pedals?

12:15 PM

Blogger Zach said...

a rack is just something you can mount guitar effects processors, power conditioners, wireless receivers, etc on. and i got a new road case for my amp that has about 5 rack spaces.

12:44 PM

Anonymous A.J. said...

Oh, sweet! Thank you, Professor Gehring! Hey..that sounds good..you would make a good Philosophy teacher.. :) Have fun with your new stuff!

3:04 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

I think you might be back in SLC in Sept. - really small limited show/cd party. You have to get tickets from a vendor that requires your credit card address not be a P.O. Box and all my cards go to my P.O. Box. I think it's safer. Sigh... so I may try to change my address at least long enough to get a ticket. LOL Either that or I will have to drive 6 hrs. to Boise so I can hear that new amp. ;)

I really like The Fray quite a lot. I just got their cd recently. I'd love to see this tour. It would be very different playing an arena. I assure you, they aren't mannequins out there. LOL At least I hope not!

I've done hospitality for Christian concert promoter. We always fix good meals. It's often in the contract rider. LOL Don't the smaller venues often just provide an allowance for meals? I think catering is better most of the time.

Enjoy the pampering. :) I hope it just gets better.

3:44 AM


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