Friday, January 05, 2007

grains of salt.

This is just a short post to comment on some stuff I've been reading about Mae lately. We have a fan, and while we appreciate all of our fans very much, he does post information that is not entirely true, sometimes it is completely untrue. The only reason I am posting this now is because I was looking at some posts from Absolutepunk that were linked from our messageboard, and I was suprised to see a post that gave a preview of "lyrics" from the next record. I can tell you that the words posted are not lyrics on the next record. So, I just wanted use this example to let those of you who read this know that what you read on messageboards as "fact", is rarely fact at all. Thanks. Also, speaking of the is not done yet, we are stil working on it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was me and I only said that because when I looked at the pictures on the website and then saw jacob's blog a month or so ago and the lyrics written in the book resembled the lyrics jacob wrote. But due to the size of the picture I could only make out the first line, and I shouldn't have assumed that they were lyrics and furthermore I shouldn't have written them in the first place.

2:02 PM

Anonymous kid with the same name (fenderplyr13 on the maeboards and elsewhere) said...

There are probably a few people that are guilty of doing something like that, myself included. We just gotta learn to keep our fingers off the keyboard once in awhile and have some patience.

And Zach, I'm glad that you mentioned that you guys are still working on the album. It shows that you're all putting much more effort into it that we may think and the end result will be something awesome. It seems that there are some bands recording albums now just for the sake of recording albums and not putting any depth into the music. Either way, I look forward to hearing it when it's done (and the show w/ R.K. 3/12) see ya then.
-a different Zach

2:27 PM

Blogger Aileen said...

boo to drama, post new year's eve pics! hahah ;]

5:55 PM


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