Tuesday, December 12, 2006

you ever feel like you're just missing the grasp on life. like it's the sun setting, and you're racing across the distractions of living to grasp onto meaning right before it sinks below the horizon. it teases you all day while you're chained at work, just floating above you, white and blinding, and right when you leave work, you jump in your car and race as fast you can to catch it, but it doesn't happen. do you begin to think it's feeble? maybe it is..meaning of life is only important to those who have the luxury and lunacy to chase it, and ignore reality. we wrote a record called the everglow and it's quite idealistic...it's easy to talk about following passion, hard to actually do it...reality gets in the way. remember? the bills? the exams? the rent? your parents? the new record is more concerned with the disconnect...the shock of foundations being questions. exciting and discomforting. like a bus station, the promise of hope mixed with the depression of last resorts. i'm listening to iron and wine right now, taken by a pathetic love and disquieting nature. each night my heart settles on a jagged bed of new rocks, uncomfortable and easily awaoken. i want it to fall languidly onto a sand dune and never wake up. i've been home for the last 4 days and i have spent most of that time on the couch, playing xbox..i've bought some records recently (queen, u2, decemberists, incubus) and some christmas presents. i love my time off...i enjoy it.


Blogger Miao said...

I love the Decemeberists too. Their lead singer Colin Meloy recently did a duet with Laura Veirs, the song is entitled "Yankee Bayonet". Simple, catchy and sweet.

2:45 AM

Blogger Miao said...

You write well, by the way. I love reading too. Haven't really slept in a hammock before but I imagine it must be a heavenly experience as one gently sways oneself to sleep.

2:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just yesterday in class, I was thinking...what is my purpose of being here in an oceanography class. what is the goal of humanity and how does it have anything to do with me sitting in this boring class. i guess the goal is to survive and reproduce but there must be something more...

what xbox games are you playing?

11:48 AM

Blogger JordanTaylor said...

your time off is much deserved. after all, you all just finnished another album, and youre gearing up to head on tour. enjoy it while its there.

and dont wear yourself out chasing things. maybe theyre meant to be better from afar.

what if things are meant to be seen...and just that. what if, up close, these beautiful sunrises and sunsets youre chasing are really a catastrophe? a complete dissaster, a total letdown?

what if theyre the most beautiful thing in the the world? and youre missing out... is that OKAY with you?

12:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

zach, i love you.

4:34 PM

Blogger Zach said...

"and dont wear yourself out chasing things. maybe theyre meant to be better from afar. "

don't take this the wrong way, but that comes off as rather depressing. if things are better meant to be seen from afar, what other way to figure it out than to see it up close.

6:17 PM

Anonymous Antoinette said...

For me, I have some moments where I feel like I'm just wasting my life when I really should be out there doing something new. Is it always better to chase those things? I can never find the balance between things I want to do and obligations or rules.

And this is off topic, but is there some kind of Mae fanmail address or other address where things would eventually get forwarded to you guys? I was thinking about sending a card or something. :)

6:56 PM

Blogger JordanTaylor said...

oh, i totally agree. it was just a thought.

sorry if it came off as offensive.

7:55 PM

Anonymous John said...

I'm not going to lie, the only thing I didn't like about The Everglow was how every song seemed to be so optimistic... It seemed either fake, or as if I was just missing out on some huge part of life that you guys all got...

That said, I can't wait for the new CD, both for the feel good music, and the apparent "I just want to feel down right now" songs... You guys are amazing.

Come back to Brockport soon? I would love to hang out with you guys again.

9:45 PM


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