Friday, December 08, 2006


Anonymous Zach said...

HAHAHA...some friends and I reenacted GNR for some talent show type thing at my high school once.

I'm trying to think of the significance behind putting this video as your blog, and the only thing I can think of is your band selling out football arenas and Dave turning into the next Axl Rose (I hope not :p )

7:15 PM

Anonymous lauren said...

HAHAHA dave, axl rose. oh goshhh.

paradise city is my favorite guns n roses song. yeeeyeeeah

10:11 AM

Blogger Zach said...

do i need a reason to post this? the video and the band speak for itself. i love it.

8:49 AM

Anonymous Michelle said...

it wouldnt let me comment on your Everyone's ..God blog. so here's my input ;)

I think you've found the problem - too many interpretations! Is there truly one answer, one truth, one RIGHT opinion? I really don't know.
It's hard to have a debate and a discussion and then come to a decision when there are no facts. Faith and belief in God can be the strongest thing in the entire world, and yet, you can't truly explain it to anyone. I going all over the place with my thoughts here haha. Just know that appreciate your thoughts. :)


7:26 AM


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