Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Love is hell....hell yes.

It's funny that sometimes I hear people say, "you're just infatuated with her", or "ehh, it's just an infatuation". What else is there? Infatuation is wonderful and why do I hear it being discredited as some mistaken attraction based on lust. I don't believe that love is fate, I don't believe that you are meant for one person. I don't think love is some kind of utopian emotion that will "find you and take you over" or whatever. Love is something that has to be worked at, constantly maintained. You have to want to love someone, you have control over who you love, you control your love, it doesn't control you. Infatuation is romantic, love is realistic, love is existing. As truly wonderful as love is, I don't think it is found too easily. Infatuation can happen everyday, love is the undesirable result of infatuation. It's so exciting to be infatuated, and once you realize you love someone, it becomes frightening, you become vulnerable. Truly being in love yields a pathetic and gloriously selfless nature. To be at the mercy of whatever someone else desires, or wants, to be dillusioned and naive. Love is necessary and when it's right, there's nothing that can even come close to it. When it goes wrong, it immediately becomes something you'll do whatever you can to forget. It's interesting how it works in those extremes. It's black and white, which makes it pleasantly simple and torturingly simple at the same time. Infatuation makes your heart weak, and love keeps your heart beating. Infatuation makes you act irrational, love makes you think about your actions. Infatuation is love's ignition. I love infatuation, and I'm afraid of love. Although, the scariest thought is to think about never loving anyone. I think everyone is afraid of that, maybe that's why "convenience" is easily mistaken for love. People want it so bad they lie to themselves...now that I think of it--love tows such a tight and deceptive line between disaster and happiness. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Third Eye Blind (I don't like the way Stephen Jenkins sings about sex, it's so "fratboyish") and Tom Petty, old Alkaline Trio and one certain Mellowdrone song. I hope you all had a good thanksgiving, mine was wonderful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, the title to this post is amazing.

I really really liked what you had to say. It reminded me of a quote my good friend wrote once. (I'm all about quotes, sorry)

“Maybe it's what we call love, or perhaps that's what i wish it was. Maybe it's just a knowledge that to me, no one will ever be like you. No one will ever feel like you feel to me.” ~ Katie Truax

Rock on and keep up the infatuation. And the loving. And the listening to Third Eye Blind.


7:02 AM

Blogger Peter said...

Zach, what kind of gear are you using on the new record?

I love your tone and am trying to better mine...

If you get the chance hit me back at theanalogfuture@gmail.com

1:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was truly an amazing post because everything in it was so true.

motorcycle driveby by third eye blind is also amazing. and pretty much ever alk3 song.

keep the good posts coming. cant wait to hear the new cd.

2:31 PM

Blogger JordanTaylor said...

there will always be two sides to things.

im taking an architectual drafting course, and im finding that drawing a buildings foundation is the hardest part, but after that, when you go to draw the side views, the elevations, everything is done. all the elements are carefull placed, and precicsely where they need to be, so that when it comes time to draw the rest of this building, from every angle, its plain and simple. easy to interprate. understandable.

just. like. that.
exactly how it looks.

pardon the spelling.

9:18 PM

Blogger Anna said...

wow, that really made me think...I like how you said that you love infatuation and you're afraid of love. It's so true, everyone is like this.

And that infatuation makes your heart weak and love keeps your heart beating...

Good post.

7:15 PM

Anonymous rachel said...

i love how you like...have these incredible views of things, and it's like, oh yeah. he's right. mmm. yeah. thanks for putting that into words.

12:27 AM

Anonymous Michelle said...

You probably know it already, but listen to Pig by Dave Matthews Band. I have mixed feelings about this band, but this song somehow mixes violins and love and truth and what is created makes me understand exactly what you are saying.

It could possibly help the entire world be less afraid of love.

"But while youre dancing on the ground
Dont think of when youre gone
Love! love! - what more is there?
We need the light of love in here"


7:17 AM


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