Sunday, November 19, 2006


Today I went into the studio at 11 am. A bottle of wine and 8 hours later I was wrapping up one of the most enjoyable days at the studio yet. We dimmed the lights, drank wine, and just kind of had a good time while recording this song today, very mellow. I used a Gibson ES135 and hooked up through two amps, and two delay pedals (as well as other assorted pedals) and captured some great moments. I loved every minute of it. After that, we all had dinner (sans Mark) at Jacob, Dave and Benji's apartment and Dave and I sat outside and laughed at the fact that Stone Temple Pilots' record "Tiny Music....from the Vatican Gift Shop" was so incredibly amazing. Everything about that record, the tones, the songs, the bass lines, the drum sounds, every little thing is dead on. I absolutlely adore that record, and if by any chance you are reading this and you haven't heard it, please listen to it. That record contains two of my favorite guitar solos, I think the Deleo brothers are a couple of geniuses. Tomorrow I'm going to go watch the Bulls play the Lakers and then on Monday, I'll fly home to spend Thanksgiving with some family. I'm smiling as I go to bed. Goodnight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this makes me even more stoked for this next album. i can't wait.

go lakers.

10:08 AM

Blogger Joel said...

Other than the ES135, I'm curious to hear what gear (amps, pedals) you decided on or have been experimenting with.

What delay units are you using as well? Anything boutique or pretty much standard Boss/Line6?

1:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mae,
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5:59 PM

Blogger Zach said...

hey joel...we've been using a mix of a lot of amps, guitars and effects. let me run some down for you....since i am a geek about this stuff.
amps--soundcity 50 and 100 watt, marshal jtm 45, 50, plexi, major, matchless, vox AC30, bogner uberschall, fender bassman, silvertone.
guitars-gibson les paul, les paul jr, es135, fender jazzmaster, stratocaster, telecaster, baritone
pedals-line 6 delay, space echo, korg rack delay unit, and a whole crap load of others but i can't think of them right now. a lot of the sounds we've been getting from combining amps. the techs at the studio are genius.

7:46 AM

Blogger Joel said...


Thanks for the details. I'm a bit of a gear head as well.

From the looks of it you definitely have the makings of some unique guitar tones. The amp choices alone give you the best of all worlds, and the potential to create new ones. I like that you are working with both the prestine cleans of the Fender/6L6 world and the more British tones that come with Matchless/Vox/EL84 type amps.

I like the possibilities with the jazzmaster and baritone in there to mix it up.

I'm a delay junkie, so I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the kind of accents and space you are creating with the various options.

I look forward to hearing more about the recording as you guys progress. Thanks!

10:43 AM


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