Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time Machine!!!

I dropped my good buddy Benj off at the airport today, and on the way home I decided to listen to Dusty Springfield. She reminds me of Kevin Arnold's mom from The Wonder Years. For some reason, whenever I listen to music from the 50's or 60's I become nostalgic, which is strange because nostalgia usually implies a longing for something in your past, and obviously the 60's is not a part of my past. So, maybe nostalgia is the wrong word. I have a very romanticized idea of that era, despite it's very tumultuous nature. The 50's was rampant with racism, McCarthyism, and numerous other cultural growing pains, and the 60's...well, it was the 60's-- exciting, culturally transforming and tragic in so many different ways. While drifting in my imagination I thought that I would totally be on board to take a trip back into time, although, thank goodness for "Back To The Future"! Without that movie, we probably wouldn't know what precautions to take while venturing into the world of time travel. My friends and I would have to make certain rules, and we would also have to be extremely secretive and very prudent in our employment of the device. As tempting as it would be, we would have to avoid traveling back to certain dates that were historically significant because that would increase the possibility of altering the future in any way, which is obviously something that we should stay away from. Also, it wouldn't be smart to use it too often, I figure 1-3 trips per week MAX!! If for any reason we decide to solicit time travel, we'd have to approach like the drug trade....with the utmost closure. We would have to use codewords and money laundering techniques, off shore accounts...ugh, I get dizzy just thinking about it. It would be so much fun!! Here is a list of events I would want to travel too, in no order of priority,,,

1. The Doors performance at The Whiskey..the one where Jim Morrison goes on his Oedipus inspired rant during "The End"

2. The Beatles at Shea, or the Cavern Club, or their last show on top of that building.

3. I'd hang out with my dad in Germany, but obviously I'd have to be careful with this one.

4. An Elliott Smith show in Portland.

5. A Pearl Jam show at the Edge in Orlando, Fl.

6. I'd find Kierkegaard in Denmark, Neitzsche in Germany, and C.S. Lewis in England.

7. I'd get to know Christina Ricci before she was famous, but that might be creepy because she was famous at such a young age, and I don't think traveling back in time would make me younger.

8. A Guns N' Roses show at the Troubadour in the 80's.

9. Any week night on the sunset strip in the 60's, or an Andy Warhol party in NYC...actually, to hell with Warhol, I want to hang out with Nico.

(disclaimer: I know this list is absent of certain historic events that are quite significant, but I'm just playing by the rules!)

Ugh, there is too much to list! Anyway, here is a Dusty Springfield video.


Blogger Melanie said...

It's funny, I just heard Son of Preacher Man the other day. I think it was at the local grocery store. I was singing with it, (quietly, of course) and it was somewhat nostalgic for me. Gotta love the hair of the late 60's. I'm glad some things have changed at least. LOL

I'm really not sure what I would go back to that wouldn't be "significant", but the Beatles at Shea Stadium would be on my list. I was 10 years old. I saved up enough money for a ticket and bus fare. Then my mom crushed me by saying I had to have enough for both of us, which I didn't. It took me years to forgive her. I found a poster of it in Vegas once, and it's on the wall in my computer room. In case you ever get to travel back in time, the date was August 15, 1965. Tickets were $4.50-5.75, and I think a bus ticket was close to the same. That's definitely a change. LOL

Good luck with your time travels. I wonder if we truly know what would be an historically insignificant change. I recall an old Star Trek where Kirk is back in time to right saving the life of a girl he'd fallen for (as he often did) and radically changing history. Then there is this really weird sci fi flick where someone takes a butterfully from the dinosaur age during an expedition to the past, and it changes evolutionary history. LOL

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