Friday, July 11, 2008

passing time

I know I haven't written much, and also, I know that posting a link from another website does not count as a new "post", although..well, I might as well say it....I really really don't want McCain to win the election. I just thought I'd give you this link, it's not necessarily more revealing than all of the other articles I've read, but it does bring to light a few things that were passed over this week in the News. Of course, when there is a sound clip of Jesse Jackson mentioning how he wants to castrate Barack Obama, I'm not surprised the more important issues were pushed to the back of the priority list, as is usually the case with the main "news" outlets these days.


Blogger Melanie said...

To be honest, I don't like anyone running Obama or McCain. On the other hand, I have a difficult time getting through an article when the first complaint takes things out of context, and then when I click on another link from that article, it clearly doesn't get the point at all.

This guys says present day workers paying for current retirees was the design of the system from the beginning. I think it was designed for people to pay in and it operated as an "insurance" for those people paying in when they retired. Instead we have borrowed the money for other things so it no longer works in that fashion (if it ever worked as it was supposed to I don't know, maybe for a short time.) But it's politics. Maybe sometime we'll get past who called what who, and rhetoric, but I doubt it.

As for a recession, I was reading the criteria for a recession the other day and we haven't met it yet. I think that is what Gramm was referring to, whether or not I care for the guy. This was from an investor's newsletter. I got on their mailing list, even if I don't have much in the way of investments, it's sometimes interesting to read.

I really wish we could get past so and so said something in a way that we don't like so we ignore the truth and throw more mud. (both sides of the political spectrum) Everyone duck.

1:47 AM

Blogger Jecca said...

I have to agree with Melanie, that I don't like either person running. And definitely the SS issue...I think what McCain said was correct in that things are not working as they should and it needs to be fixed. I wish all news was un-biased instead of all this opinionated garbage.

I have to register to vote soon (I moved and was out of the country for the last election), and I really don't want to register as either R or D. Do you have any opinion on independent parties or any information source that might be of help? You seem to be interested in these things and I figure you would know more about it than I could ever hope to or at least would know of good sources to gain some perspective. Politics tend to give me a headache.

Thanks, Zach. The concert at Croc Rock was really great, btw. So good to see you guys again.

2:43 PM

Blogger matt said...

i think it all depends on who you ask as far as the idea of "recession" goes. But anyone who is involved in investments would do best to say we are not in a recession to protect his interest. As far as SS is concerned...I can't get behind conservative fiscal policy, especially the current administration Encouraging the privatization of SS is an idea that makes no sense whatever.

3:23 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

I have to agree about privatization. It's rather become a rather "Republican" solution. It works for some things, and not for others. I think there are a lot of minuses on "both sides" fiscally.

This is the definition they were referring to:

Recession: "A period of general economic decline; specifically, a decline in GDP for two or more consecutive quarters."

9:09 PM


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