Tuesday, June 10, 2008

dennis kucinich! and a lack of "caps"

I'm in Ft. Meyers right now, I'm lucky enough to spend whole wii filled week with my brother and his wife. my brother is a beer snob, he won't even touch killians irish red, he says it's not even irish, it's brewed in the states. he's a fan of samual adams and assorted IPA's. while i'm here, i am trying to make my way through "crime and punishment", and i'll be damned if every time i try to sit down and read this book, my eyes don't fall shut 4 minutes later. i started the book last week, and i've just made it to page 50. uffda. so far today, i've gotten out of bed, taken care of some emails, eaten some cereal, caught up on the current events of the political sphere (www.thehuffingtonpost.com, reddit.com, thinkprogress.org), and I watched the daily show and the colbert report, and then I decided to go swimming. the pool was empty, and when i walked up to the gate (it's a community pool) i saw that it appeared to be locked and that there all these signs posted saying that there is a surveillance camera and that trespassers will be prosecuted. I was afraid i'd be locked out of the pool, so i kind of poked around the lock trying to get in, i'm sure i looked suspect and primitive. and after all of my investigative poking around, i realized the gate wasn't locked. so I opened it up and went in, I swam some, and then tried to read, but the sun's reflections off the pages were too bright, and i don't like the way i look with sun-glasses, so I put the book down and tried my best to lay out in the sun, but i hvae a hard time relaxing when i can feel my heart beating so clearly and defnitively. after that i went back to my brother's house and got a shower, made pizza bites and played 3 games of wii bowling. and then i tried to read again, but i fell asleep, and the i opened my eyes, upset at myself, and then i tried to read again, and once again, i fell asleep. lame. after that i recieved some great news on a conference call and now i'm doing this, ya know, writing with a lot of run-on sentences.
this is my day. a true day off.
i miss benj and jacob and dave and josh. i've been away from my house a whole lot lately, and while i am super happy that i am spending more than 2 days with my brother, i do miss my house.
it's strange that a person can be completely enamored with someone for a few months, and then realize that they were under the influence of a passing feeling, or a victim of wishful thinking, which results in the moment that reveals the two people don't have much in common. it's frustrating...but it's better than to call it when you see it than to waste your time becoming more and more involved all the while denying that negative tinge screaming at you with every heart beat. the emotions involved were not fabricated, and then fun that was had was genuine, which makes it all the more confusing and infuriating. convenience and dead relationships exist in close proximity to each other, and the numb nature of a convenient relationship is big waste of emotion and time.
isn't dennis kucinich great representative? he's still trying to get pres. bush impeached, and i think it should be brought to the nation's attention. he called out the president on like 35 points of questionable actions, but i have not seen it mentioned in mainstream media. C-span covered it, but did i miss it somewhere else?

"it was fun with you, the dog, the walks, the wine, rollercoasters, aerosmith, very cliche black and white photobooth, fresh salmon, veggie burgers, botanical gardens in the winter, the mountatin of trash was traniquil too, tecate on superbowl sunday. your photogenic nature rubbed off on me a bit. thanks for the shampoo and teaching me to look you when the eyes when we toasted. hope you like the magnets"


Blogger Melanie said...

Glad you were able to have a true day off. Sounds restful overall.
Everyone needs a day like that at least once in a while.

6:48 AM

Blogger AJ said...

hey, man...good times with wii & the family! my sis just got wii for a grad gift. i will never beat my wii bowling score in real life...tricks you into thinking you have some sort-of skill. :) crazy, i posted something a few posts ago about my sister being a "beer snob." your bro & my sis should get together and compare notes! yeah good luck with "crime and punishment"...that was a rough boring read for me. and, about the idea of "convenience relationships"...i don't know...maybe i'm in a strange space and time in my life, but i don't see it as so bad as long as it is mutual for both parties because in the end you learn from every relationship you are in. i may be totally off, but that's where my heart's at right now...could be because i've been buried behind my dissertation for the past four years and now that i'm free, "convenience" realtionships sounds like a great way to ease back into it. have a fun remaining time with your bro & his family! :)p.s. i think you should post a pic of you with sunglasses! :)

1:52 PM


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