Saturday, May 24, 2008

beach volleyball

So here are some pictures from our time in Philadelphia. It's great to be writing again, I just wish I had more time in the day to head over to Jim's Steaks on South Street. So far we've been spending most of our time across the river in University City, injecting ourselves with coffee and bad yet wonderful food. Walking around college campuses always reminds me that I loved college, but hated classes. I walked over to a 7-11 yesterday, on the way I walked passed a soccer field littered with ambitious athletes, doing exercises and honing their "fundamentals"...then I walked passed a make-shift beach volleyball court. Beach volleyball settings are always unfitting when I see it just propped down in the engineered designs of urban areas. Was "beach volleyball" called "beach volleyball" from it's inception? I imagine that when volley ball was first played on the beach, it was just considered volley ball, and their location was chosen out of necessity and convenience, not chosen with intent as a specific and identifying characteristic of the general sport which was meant to give it more variety or appeal. Is "beach volleyball" to volleyball as "arena football" is to the NFL? I think not.

As you can probably guess, from the superfluous nature of this post, that I am mostly likely holding my tongue on a few things...maybe I'm doing my best to keep from bitching about the low class political moves of the Hillary Clinton invoking the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in relation to her obstinate and, some would say, hopeless campaign. Or maybe I'm holding back on my critique of Bush's recent comments in Isreal regarding the appeasement of terrorists and relating it to the Democracts. (This topic lends itself to a very long post regarding my opinion on the geo-political landscape, the current administration's very detrimental actions over the past 6 or 7 years, the shear thick headed, misguided, jockish, gung-ho imperialistic approach to foreign policy. The undermining of civil freedoms as declared in the constitution, the extreme violations of human rights and war-time practice as dictated by the precedence of history, the Geneva Convention, the UN and the war-crime trials of the past. The degree of the double-standard is being pushed to the envelope, not to mention they completely hypocrtical stance on WMD's, which was the scapegoat for leading America into an unjust, politically and economically motivated war over control of a country's natural resources, which now has greatly increased the threat to our national security. I'm shutting my mouth now) Maybe I'm wanting so much to talk about the new Elbow record, which I'm heavily recommending you all buy. I need to go to a record store, my friend suggested some music for me, I need to find it and buy it. I could talk about a lot, wait, i take that back. I'm coming to find my range of conversational topics very small, due to both my lack of knowledge on many subjects, and also my complete indifference. I feel my I'm a one trick pony when it comes to having a conversation. If it's not politics, music or philosophy and God, I'll most likely keep my mouth shut and slip out the back door. Wait, I admit, I can also talk about celebrities for a long time. Whatever, just ask Benj, he'll tell you what I'm all about.


Blogger MJ said...

I love the color of the sky in the top photo.

6:59 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

LOL.. o.k. I'll have to ask Benji. LOL It's obvious you aren't going to tell us. ;) Sorry, I am in sort of a weird mood today and I can be very snide. LOL

I haven't heard of Elbow. I'll see if they are on myspace later.

And there is at least one of those topics we might have some strong agreement on, even though my general political philosphy is somewhat more conservative than yours. :)


9:51 PM

Anonymous Jena Rae said...

being 15 minutes away from philly myself... i'm glad, as an out-of-towner, you've discovered Jim's steaks on South Street. you are one of few that hasn't fallen into the pat's/geno's "phenomena." haha.

8:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love your band, really great.
I have a tattoo, with a part of the song "This time is the last time"!
When MAE come to Brazil?
Go on with the great songs!

-- Amanda.

11:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

zach what are those small amps for? the rectangular kind that sit on top of a normal amp, I always see them in studios.
I play guitar too but just use my school's studio... nothing fancy :(

11:27 AM


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