Tuesday, April 08, 2008

this is all so portland

Portland is normally a thought of as a proper noun, but i'm going to start using it as an adjective. Driving into that city is like walking into a sauna...you can feel it immediately. There is such a deep rooted vibe in that city...there are some great cities that are still surviving on the blood that flows under the streets, but I feel like the Portland's heart is right beneath the surface, so close, that is why the streets are so bad and there are cracks in the sidewalk and all that. The word "Portland" is very visceral to me now because of my experiences in the city. It's always looking like a house with fresh paint...pure scents and clean wet corners. I like it there. I saw some young people protesting the war in Iraq, probably because their parents said it was a good thing to do. Pre-pubescent/adolescent rebellion...it's promising, amusing and sad all at the same time. When I was their age I was riding my bike to Baits food market in downtown Mt. Dora. The only signs I was holding was for car washes to finance little league...that's not quite the same as holding signs to end the war in Iraq. What are they showing on Nickolodean these days?


Blogger rachel! said...

ohmygosh. haha.
ok. i'm the girl who was like 'omg i love your blog!' yuppp.
when i saw you, i told my friend your name was david. haha. and i didn't even realize i was wrong until i was looking at your pedals and it said 'zach' or something.
your show in portland was amazing. :) thank you so much. you guys are amazing. you especially. uh. i would watch you and the passion that you play with, ahh. after five years. playing the same songs over and over again, and still. i can see it. i can feel it. i can hear it. and i love it! thank you so much for the acoustic set afterwards. i love things like that. they keep me alive. i've been waiting to see you guys for awhile, and it finally worked out. i'm so glad. and uh. i'm still buzzing from that show sunday. i will never get over you guys, seriously. the everglow, it came at the perfect time in my life. it was my soundtrack. and, i painted my wall like destination:beautiful. i'll show you sometime. but yeah. come back to portland, please. we love you!

11:45 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

I've driven through Portland once. The sheer size of the city caught me off-guard. Nothing for miles, then Portland. The rivers are huge. I did used to spend some time with a friend near the McKenzie River, though, in a small town called Vida. Blink and you'd miss it. I remember hiking back with friends a short distance along a creek to a huge waterfall. But I would love to see Portland properly someday. Yea, that was rather random. :) Hope you had a good day in S.F.

1:02 AM

Blogger Akinogal said...

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