Monday, April 23, 2007


so, tonight we played our last show of the 2nd leg of the tour in Kansas City and it was a good one, I had a lot of fun. The one thing I remember most about the day is kind of embarassing, but I can take the heat. My friend Emily came to KC to do some research, and it just so happened that I was there at the same time, so we got to hang out. We didn't do much, just talked about music, church camp lunacy, and the counter productive nature of certain "youth groups" and "retreats", and the hypocritical and contradictory nature of our own lives (maybe just mine?) in general. It was a good time. Today was beautiful, we ate at Cheesecake Factory with very eager waiters and waitresses, we threw a frisbee and played basketball, and she beat me..yes, she beat me. That is the embarassing part...(with the massive sexist implications aside)..a GIRL beat me. Ughh....she has a good shot! Later, her and I joined teams and played a game against Dave and Matt Hoopes from Relient K, we got kicked off the court before we finished the game, but at that point, my team was winning. So let's just say that we won right? I'm uber tired, but tomorrow I get to go home to VA for a few days.

"swim with me and escape all the troubles of the present age, finally free"--i like that.


Blogger Melanie said...

Hey, when a game gets cut short, whoever is ahead wins. LOL

Sounds like you had a good day. That's always nice.


1:32 AM

Blogger Noah said...

I'm listening to It's Hard... right now as I read this. Good timing.

3:08 PM

Blogger Catherine said...

Cheesecake Factory is always a good time, along with winning frisbee, oh wait a girl beat you sorry.

3:09 PM

Anonymous A.J. said...

Awww...poor Zach..but, ya know it takes a 'real man' to bow down to a skilled chica on the b-ball court~go, Emily! :) Glad you can handle it, Zach...she sounds like a super fun friend for you & in the end she helped you kick butt against Hoopes & Dave! Ha! Ha! Anyway, enjoy your home & your break--much deserved, dude!

Maybe you'll get to do some of this at home...

"I loafe and invite my soul,
I lean and loafe at my ease..." (Whitman)
Let us know if you pick-up any cool new vinyl. :)

10:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the KC show. It was a fun time. What were those two new songs you played? I think one was "Waiting" and the other was _____?

4:43 PM

Blogger Zach said...

sometimes i can't make it alone

10:28 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

Most of us can't make it alone. Some people just admit it.

4:59 AM

Anonymous Zach/fenderplyr13 said...

Cheesecake Factory is probably one of the most delicious restaurants ever.

Hey was the title SICMIA a U2 inspiration? Just curious.

1:54 PM

Blogger Zach said...

no, it's not.

11:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks for letting me know the song title. Good luck with the rest of the tour.

11:48 AM

Blogger gabbbsters said...


3:58 PM

Blogger Melanie said...

I was just thinking that my comment was a bit random. It's just what the song title made me think of. LOL Yea, I know I'm weird. I can't help it. ;)

4:42 AM


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