Monday, March 26, 2007


Hello everyone, I'm sitting on a hotel bed in Nashville today on our day off. I went and saw that new Mark Wahlberg (spelling?) movie today called "Shooter." It was good for what it was, you know how these movies are going to be right when you see the previews. They include men who are honorable to a fault, homemade napalm, evil government agencies, a romantic interest who ends up being a hostage, and unbelievable outcomes. I loved it. I haven't been reading too much and Ive been missing friends. Maybe I can go out to a bar tonight and meet a nice girl with a southern accent, make up a story about who I am and what I do, impress her somehow and get her myspace page address...ha! I'm kind of kidding, but right now, I'm that bored. It's a nice day though, the weather has gotten warmer and the nights feel wonderful. The other day, after the Nashville show, Dave, Jacob and I did a short Q&A session with some kids up in the coffee shop of the venue. It was a lot of fun, although, the night didn't pass without me making an idiot of myself. Anyway, I don't have anything interesting to talk about tonight. Have fun everyone, and keep listening to music. And oh yeah, in the movie, there was a website called that was on the screen of a computer for a split second. Mark Wahlberg's character was looking at it in his wood cabin up in the mountains, you know, because he was an ex military man who was abandoned by the military and since then, has been clued into the crazy unethical practices of our government...he seemingly assumed a rationale and realistic outlook on the business of the world. If you look to my links on the left of the page, you will see that exact website listed, check it out.


Blogger Melanie said...

Hmmmm... interesting website, definitely not from my point of view on many things, but interesting.

I hope you are less bored now. I have really been enjoying the warmer weather here lately. It's usually not quite this nice in March. We should have a little bit of a lapse on Wednesday, but still above freezing, so I'm happy.

The movie sounds interesting. My husband would like the action, and I would like the "romance". Something for everyone. I love it. :)

As for making an idiot of oneself, I manage to find a way to do that nearly every day, I think. LOL

3:06 AM

Anonymous chinako said...

hi, zach,

i was at that q and a in nashville, and for what it is worth, i don't think you made an idiot of yourself. it was an awesome post-show treat. i'll be sure to check out some of those music recommendations that you all made : )

i can't wait to see you guys again when you're in california!

- chinako

8:48 AM

Blogger Ethan said...

I love movies like that.

I know this is kinda off the subject, but I'm writing an essay on depravity from the viewpoint of Anne Frank and need some help. Any suggestions?

1:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I was at the show in Nashville, too. The Q&A thing was great. My friends and I were right up front, and you didn't look like an idiot. You were adorable. I think it was you who mentioned Creedence Clearwater Revival. It made my day, because they're one of my favorites. Unless you didn't mention them, and in that case, I was totally delusional.

Getting pushed around by sweaty people all night was worth seeing you guys again. I hope you come back to Nashville soon!

7:26 PM


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