Sunday, December 07, 2008

Recording: Pros and Cons

PROS: Building a loop out of the sound of a rim shot, and then attempting to manipulate that sound by hooking up a super shifter pedal, envelope filter, and wah pedal. After spending hours trying to find the sound we want, we abandon that approach and instead put the sound through a bit crusher and a melodyne plug in so that we can give tonal quality to this percussive layer. The next day, in that same spirit, our friend Ben stopped by. He informed us that if you run the contacts that are housed in tape adapters (you know, the kind you put in your car tape deck in order to play an I-pod or CD player) over any magnetic strip that they put on the back of credit cards, gift cards etc, the contacts will read the magnetic strip and that can be heard if plugged in through an amp. So plugged in two amps so we could make it stereo. What fun! We ended up not using that sound either.....yet. But at least we did it!

We taped down about 5 or 6 different cards to maximize the ease of doing something that was pretty odd.

CONS: Recording guitar for 3 hours and realizing that the part isn't quite working, and then trying to move forward to record another part, but the guitar decides to not stay in tune, and therefore, we need to move on to something else altogether. ARRGH.

PS. Things are going well, aside from our temperamental guitars, who seem to be punishing us for something we did to them unknowingly. Later this week we will hopefully get some Fender Rhodes recorded, maybe some piano as well. Good deal. It's nice to be in the studio all day, insulated from the constant bombardment of bad news coming from the news networks concerning the financial situation.


Blogger Melanie said...

I haven't watched much news lately, but I sometimes wonder if the news feeds the despair about the economy, which makes people cut back more, which makes the economy worse. Anyway, just a crazy thought I had. I guess there is no point in worrying about things you can do nothing about. You just deal as best as you can with it. I hope I can.

The sound process sounds very interesting indeed. You never know if you will someday find a perfect spot for that very sound that you worked so hard to create. :) I hope the guitar issues get worked out for you.

12:45 PM

Blogger Jecca said...

so excited you guys are in the studio!!! :)

12:57 PM

Blogger yuko said...

I would like to hear the new stuff right now!

8:23 PM

Blogger David said...

Melanie, I agree with you about the news. They do have a good way of injecting fear whenever they can. I keep seeing ads on CNN for this show Anderson Cooper is doing. Apparently he goes to the jungles of South America looking for the next deadly disease or virus, one that doesn't necessarily exist in America. It's ridiculous, and so is CNN.

6:35 AM


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