Tuesday, January 23, 2007

love schlove

is love obvious, or is it discovered? is it black and white, or do the colors emerge through time? is love hard to find and easy to sustain, or does it hit you like a brick and you have to fight to keep it vital? is love fantasy or reality? does it transcend state lines or die on the road north? all of this sh*t is trite. goodnight all.


Blogger haylogy said...

you're making my head hurt, you pessimistic romantic

11:02 PM

Blogger Grover said...

I think it's a little bit of all of that,,

1:40 PM

Blogger Cathryn said...

Just because it's trite doesn't make it untrue. I think that perhaps some of the worst pain we go through is actually pretty similar to what a lot of other people have felt. Music is one way we can find out we're not so alone in our...isolation. Even if a lot of other people are saying the same things, it may just be that those things are that much more important to understand.

I know that doesn't seem to make sense, but I think I understand a little piece of what you mean. Thanks for sharing. Everything you said is so true.

1:11 AM


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