Thursday, July 20, 2006


Does anyone else feel like the world is ending? I'm gonna stay inside and watch Seinfeld and wait patiently, it's too hot to go outside anyway.


Blogger courtney said...

It's hard not to think of it sometimes especially with everything going on in the Middle East, but I guess you can't really worry too much about and just take pleasure in the small things. For example, a pint of Half Baked icecream and the beach at night can really get you through anything. :-D

1:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

z, canada is sounding nicer and nicer every day. don't you think?


2:46 PM

Anonymous katie / despite.these.rains said...

it is SO HOT. my family has been doing touristy things lately, and all i can think is that i am so blessed to live in the time of air conditioning... we were in DC the other day and it was 110! ugggh.

7:01 PM

Blogger Kristen said...

watching the news is depressing and kinda scary to be quite honest. It's been really hot here too, thank god I have an inground pool.

9:40 PM

Blogger disneydin said...

my friend's brother was in lebanon during the attacks. i can't imagine how scary it would be! it does seem like the world's gonna end..with the stuff happening in the east and then the mideast...but then again, stuff has been happening in the mideast for a LONG time, just because u.s. news decides to flood tv with it now doesn't mean it hasn't been happening...

and the thing that bugs me the most about this heat is how nice and cool it'll be in the morning and then how quickly it will turn!!

10:29 PM

Blogger Deadpool said...

I don't know... it doesn't seem like it's going to end to me. (well, I believe it will, but I don't believe there's any sign in the violence and stuff happening around the world). personally, having just quit an old job and am starting a new one, it feels like spring(not weather wise it was 108 here yesterday I think... but in that newness that only spring has).
if you just look at the middle eastern violence, which yes, it's been going on for ages... ages and ages. infact, almost always... if you look at that, yeah, it's going to look like the world is ending, because in a sense it is. for those people, their "world" is ending(although most of the people there have probably lived their lives surrounded by violence in a way we can't imagine properly so to them it might not be that far out of the norm) but that's just one particular view on a situation. if you look at other parts of the world that aren't bogged down in wars and violence, it wouldn't seem that way...
but really the middle east thing isn't anything that should make people think "end of the world" North Korea with long range nukes... that's more like it. but even then, who by worrying can add a single year to his life? you just have to keep going on. trust in God, and do what's right.

2:56 AM

Blogger Zach said...

perhaps it's one thing to be in a country which leads a quite peaceful existence, tuned out from what is going on. although, it feels frustrating to be in a country living quite peacefully, and at the same time feel that the country you live in is doing nothing to stop violence in the middle east, (aside from such lofty intentions like upholding democracy, albeit tainted with hypocricy), rather it is doing things that, many would think, is only perpetuating it, manipulating the situation from such a self interested standpoint that it leaves the region (and the inhabitants) at the mercy of the effects of our policy, which, many would think, is based on economic self interest. i playing the role of devils advocate perhaps? just talking really.

9:23 AM

Blogger Ethan said...

I just watched disc 2 from season 3, with the Parking Garage and the Nose Job on it. Seinfeld is one of the greatest shows ever. I love it.

3:23 PM


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