Friday, October 24, 2008

nothing much going on, aside from playing shows.

I'm reading a book by Sarah Vowell called, "The Wordy Shipmates", and so far it's mainly about John Winthrop and how he led the birth of settlements in New England, sailing from England on the Arabella. It's interesting so far, talking about the difference between separatists and the "non-separatists", the birth of the Church of England, religious splits that led to such expeditions and the founding of new colonies based on protestant theology, the influence of Calvinism in this movement as well, and the general history of the events. It's good, and I could go into a very long diatribe about how the founding philosophies of what became America aren't too closely lined with the "American pride" I see displayed today.. Anyway, the book also talks about the constant bickering that went on when trying to establish rules, church officials, laws, etc. One of the tense exchanges that the books talks about is one that occurred between John Williams and John Cotton. I thought one of the excerpts from a letter written by John Williams was interesting.

"In 'The Bloudy Tenent', Williams points out the Constantine 'did more to hurt Christ Jesus than the raging fury of the most bloody Neros'. At least under the Christian persecutor Nero was rumored to have had the Apostle Paul beheaded and Saint Peter crucified upside down, Christianity was a pure (if hazardous) way of life. But when Constantine himself converted to Christianity, that's when the Church was corrupted and perverted by the state. Williams explains that under Constantine, 'the gardens of Christ's churches turned into the wilderness of natural religion, and the world (under Constantine's dominion) to the most unchristian Christendom.' Legalizing, legitimizing the Church turned Christianity into just another branch of government enforced by 'the sword of civil power,' i.e., through state-sponsored violence"

my throat is sore.


Blogger Melanie said...

The book sounds interesting.

Sorry to hear about the sore throat. Hope you are feeling better.


12:47 PM

Blogger AJ said...

hmmm...seems to be a common theme of calvinism in your recent readings...intriguing. northern idaho is missing your guitar...come play soon. plenty of rest & tea with honey. :)

3:22 PM

Blogger emily said...

more calvinism blogs, please.

7:24 PM

Blogger estherchung said...

It is always awesome to be reminded that Christ is not about a religion but a relationship :)

8:48 PM

Blogger David said...

i made a mistake, it's Roger Williams, not John Williams, I got him confused with John Winthrop.

8:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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