Monday, June 19, 2006

Some quotes

Here are some quotes I recently read from a book called "The Secret Message of Jesus"

"Instead of being about the kingdom of God coming to earth, the Christian religion has often become preoccupied with abandoning or escaping the earth and going to heaven"

"Perhaps this understanding of the kingdom reveals the horrible truth that even church and state with their sacred theologies and idealogies, like all other structures of this world will--given the chance--execute God so they can run their own petty kingdoms. What if our only hope lies in this impossible paradox: the only way to the kingdom of God can be strong in a truly liberating way is through a scandalous, NONCOERCIVE kind of weakness"

"Is it your way or the highway?"--Pedro the lion

"Oh, look you earned your wings
Are you an angel, now
Or a vulture
Constantly hovering over
Waiting for a big mistake"--Pedro the Lion


Anonymous katie said...

Those quotes really resonate with me-- even thinking about the recent 06/06/2006 drama. It seems to me like so many Christians are preoccupied with the way the world is "going to hell", and so few are concerned with initiating change in the things that bother them.

The second quote especially is interesting, because it brings to light just how countercultural Jesus' message really was-- commands to lose our lives in order to gain them, to allow someone to injure you rather than retaliate. Some of Christ's teachings are almost alien to what our society now values.

Have you read Allen Wakabayashi's Kingdom Come? I really enjoyed it and found that a lot of the language he used was helpful in describing the thoughts that had been tumbling in my head. It's more theological than the book you are quoting, which seems more philosophy and logic oriented, but you might enjoy it nonetheless.

8:02 PM

Blogger Zach said...

Thanks Katie, I will keep that book in mind.

9:46 PM

Blogger courtney said...

I recently just finished reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell and in one of the last chapters of his book he talks a lot about your first quote. So frequently Christians' main focus is to get to heaven and because of that some many strive for salvation in order get them out of hell. The thing is though is that our purpose is not to strive for heaven but to bring heaven here to earth. In the end we won't live in heaven forever, we're coming back here. Because of that it is our duty to reach out and show love to others, not with a personal motive "to win them over" but to love them because that's what Christ tells us to do without judgment and incentive.

7:06 AM

Blogger Ethan said...

One of Jesus' main focuses was empathy: He didn't want Christians to give up on their lost brethren just because they seemed "hopeless". He wanted us, and the church, to know what the people we are reaching out to are going through. He wanted us to not give up if they push us away, to just keep loving them even if they reject our message.

We're called to be a light, even if others are trying to blow it out.

11:42 AM


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